Saturday, June 9, 2018

Plaza Mayor: Madrid’s Breathtaking Central Plaza (Magnificent Madrid Series 12)

Plaza Mayor
Madrid’s Breathtaking Central Plaza
Magnificent Madrid Series 12 

We accessed the Plaza Mayor from a
narrow alley at the Arco the Artesana,


…and once we got we were awed by
the massiveness of Madrid’s main plaza.



The Plaza Mayor was first built in1580
during Philip III's reign  and  has been
the scene of countless historical events,


…and even became the execution site of those
condemned to death during the Spanish Inquisition


The Plaza Mayor is huge rectangular plaza bordered
by buildings having 237 balconies facing the Plaza,
with the Casa de la Panadería or the Bakery House,


…as the main building used for
municipal and cultural functions.


At the center of the square is the
1616 equestrian statue  of Philip III.


This portico lined square hosts
numerous cafe’s and restaurants,



…situated in one of the oldest part of the city
and one Madrid’s most charming districts.


Definitely a must visit plaza
for every tourist in Madrid.

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