Saturday, July 7, 2018

La Cueva: Best Madrid Dining Experience (Magnificent Madrid Series 20)

La Cueva 
Best Madrid Dining Experience
Magnificent Madrid Series 20 

After almost a whole day walking in Madrid’s
El Retiro District, starving and exhausted-


‘La Cueva’ was the very first restaurant we saw upon arriving
when  we returned to Calle Arenal and we decided to dine there.


It was a hip and no frills restaurant,


…with an al- fresco section,


…and a beautiful air- conditioned  indoor dining area.


We decided to dine indoor.

We  ordered the "Surtido Iberico", for appetizer.
"A Selection of Iberian Cold Cuts " in English,
served a huge rectangular plate with different kinds
of thinly sliced chorizos,  bacon, and various hams.
It was nicely presented ans it was plated attractively
the serving portion was very generous, and very tasty.

Paella is the country’s identifying symbol so it is but
fitting to try this dish and we chose Paella Mixta from
several flavors offered in the menu. It was mixed seafood
 and pork paella. The rice, was perfectly cooked had an
awesome layer of  the prized socarrat- the delicious crusty
caramelized paella  rice at the bottom of the serving dish.

The Honey Ribs was so deliciously tender.
Described as Costillar a la Miel in the menu-
definitely, a must try dish in this restaurant.


I am lost for words on how to describe how delicious the
Paletilla de Cordero Lechal en su Hugo al Horno”.
Literally translated to juicy roast baby lamb shoulder-
it was indeed so juicy, as the succulent tender lamb meat
was oozing  with indescribably tasty and flavorful juices.
A generous mound of French fries was served on the side.


Dining in La Cueva, is one of the best
dining experiences we had in Madrid.

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