Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pagsungko ki Ina' 2013 Jardin Real de Naga Clubhouse

'Pagsungko ki Ina', 2013 
Jardin Real de Naga Clubhouse

The annual traditional Pagsungko ki Ina
came a little late this year in Jardin Real,


…literally came two weeks late, last week of October
while it came on the first week last year,

…and chronologically came late in the afternoon,
a lot earlier compared last year.

Pagsungko’ is a pre- fiesta tradition where the image
of Our Lady of Penafrancia  is carried by devotees
on their shoulders and brought to a certain community
all over the Bicol Region for an overnight vigil.

We waited for the procession 
to pass by our house,

...but it silently breezed away that  the image was
already  few blocks away when we saw it.


So off we drove to the Clubhouse where 
the mass and the vigil would be held, 

...brought flower offerings for the makeshift altar 
and waited for the image to arrive.


After about an hour- the procession 
arrived at the clubhouse,


… and the image of the Lady of Penafrancia
was  slowly brought to her improvised altar…

…amidst devotees chanting and praying,


…singing hymns, 


…and shouting ‘Viva la Virgen’.


In a little while, she was  ready for 
the mass, and the overnight vigil.


Another Pagsungko unfolded 
and again would unfold next year
and the years to come-

…an unending testament of the Bicolanos’
tireless devotion to their beloved
'Patrona de Bicol'.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bigg's Dessert Storm: Choco Perfection, Pili Frustration

Bigg's Diner's Dessert Storm
Choco Perfection, Pili Frustration

Biggs’ Diner is an iconic and
authentic Bicolano restaurant,

…and I have blogged about

I have written reviews of the dishes they offer
from all day breakfast fares,

…to their extreme  burgers,

…and their bestsellers.

It may not be my list for my favorite restaurants
that I would rave and gloriously exalt,


…but  it the first one always comes
to our mind  whenever we are in a hurry
and need fast , affordable  and tasty food.

Last weekend, after a hearty
late afternoon lunch at Bigg’s Centro,


We ordered some of their classic
desserts like their iconic
Kookie Monster Chocolate Cake.

This delicious cake is made up of
two layers of moist rich chocolate cakes
glued with a creamy sweet custard
and caramel in between,

…and coated with rich and
creamy chocolate  icing.
This very, very  delicious
chocolate cake Is to die for.

The Bigg’s Carrot Cake was okay.
Its texture had  a perfect grittiness and
just the right amount of sweetness
making it a ‘healthier’ alternative
to the sinful chocolate cake.

Their new Pili Pie was a disappointment.
The tart tasted more of a coarse and sugary
version of custard pie, rather than that of a pili
and it was topped with a scoop of ice cream.

The Pili Tart being sold by the vendors
on the street was creamier, less sugary 
and even tasted a lot better.