Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pagsungko, ki Ina

Pagsungko ki Ina
The Clubhouse, Jardin Real de Naga

Pagsungko’ is a pre- fiesta tradition
where the image of Our Lady of Penafrancia
is carried by devotees on their shoulders
and brought to a certain community
for an overnight vigil.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon,
and it was Jardin Real de Naga’s
homeowners association’s turn for the Pagsungko

We waited on the roadside by our house
for the procession to pass by…

 …only to be told that the procession
have already passed by our place...

and on the way
to the village clubhouse…


Off we went to the Jardin Real de Naga Clubhouse
and arrived ahead of the procession…

The clubhouse has been spruced up
for the occasion-

the lights and air- conditioning
are still off…

…there was a kiddy birthday party
going on at the poolside.

We offered candles and flowers
in prepartion for her coming...


…and waited patiently
for her to arrive…

Then she came…

Lights and airconditioning
at the clubhouse were turned on...

Amidst the singing, prayers
and chanting of Viva La Virgen…

…the devotees slowly put her
on a makeshift altar…

…to get her ready
for the holy mass...

…and a solemn
overnight vigil…

the party at the pool side went on.



  1. Fabulous clubhouse. Beautiful shingle- roofed house. I didn't know that such an upscale look is found in a very poor province like Bicol.

    Nice blog you have here. Easy to read, simple photo- journal set up, nice photographs.

    Honest first hand reviews. No flowery or superlative praises, direct to the point.

    Love it.

  2. I agree. I love this blog- no long narratives to read, direct to the point. No over praising and over exagerration of postive perceptions.

    Pag- sungko, the 'sosyal' way.