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Forest Park, Dahilayan Bukidnon

Forest Park, Dahilayan Bukidnon
Stay,  Stray, Play and Feast.
(CDO and Bukidnon Series 3 )

Forest Park is a quaint mountain top resort in
in Dahilayan Mountain Range in Bukidnon.

We booked for an overnight stay
on one of its family rooms and we
were in for a pleasant surprise.


The hotel’s family room was well designed
and had a mountain cottage motif.

It had a king sized bed and another double bed-
which could comfortable accommodate the whole  family.

The judicious attention to details was impressive.
Wood is the main motif of the room accessories.

The room was painted with several
striking hues of earth colors .

It had a exquisite bathroom that evokes
 the feeling of being in an outdoor .

Faux pebbles on the shower room
and  a natural rain like- shower,


…and provided us with basic amenities.

Even to soap dish and other bathroom accessories 
added character to the toilet reflecting
the hotel's good taste on simple but elegant.

The room did not have an aircon -

...but had a heater that looks like a fireplace
that guests may use just in case it gets very chilly.

It didn’t have a TV- but who needs one
when you have a spectacular view
of the mountains

…and of the pine tree forest.

My wife found this hotel beautiful, simple 
well-designed and yet stylish.


There’s a lot of charming places
 in Forest Park to stroll around - 

One may wander on
its marvelous playground,

...or have a leisurely walk
on the Pine forest…

…that leads to the quaint picnic grove.

...and a heated spa amidst the pine trees.

The kids were delighted
to see that the pine forest

...are populated with realistic life sized  
fiber glass statues of wild animals .


The Playground

This hotel is children’s paradise.

My son could never get enough of the
wonderful playground.


He played non- stop upon  checking in,

…he played all day long,

...and played tirelessly

upon waking up in the morning.


He was ecstatic and wouldn’t want to
 leave the playground anymore.

The Zorbit

For older children and adults
may  try the gravity defying Zorbit…

Where one is strapped inside
a Plastic Bubble and rolled down hill,

It was  a dizzying ride and took me hours 
to recover from nausea and vertigo.

Tree top Adventure…

Young kids will enjoy this tree top
obstacle course…

We bought tickets for this attraction
but failed to enjoy it as we didn’t
have enough time.

It was a case of too many things to do-
but too little time.

We randomly gave our tickets for free
to a family  visiting the park. They we happy 
and thankful for the unexpected treat.

ATV Ride

ATV rides (18 and above are allowed to ride)
My 15 year old daughter was disappointed.

ATV & Buggy Trail Adventure
I decided not to ride too to empathize
with her frustration.

The Luge

This is apparently the very first
Luge facility in the Philippines.

Compared to the Singaporean Luge in Sentosa-
this one is more steep and precipitous
more circuitous, and definitely more scenic.

12 hole mini golf course.

The kids had a great time at the picturesque
12 hole Mini Golf course with a beautiful clubhouse
amidst the Dahilayan mountain range.


It was built with unique animal hazards 
 that   the kids were able to put their way out 
and had a blast of good time.


Forest Tent
Buffet Breakfast

Buffet breakfasts are served
at the tent, near the Picnic Grove.

They served a basic Filipino breakfast.
The Pinoy fare was tasty and it was okay.

The Forest Café.

It is an understatement to say that
the Forest Café is one of the best restaurants
we have ever been in the Philippines.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated
with a  log house motif
and located amidst a pine forest

They have an expansive dining area
with an 'al fresco' ambiance but it is covered
by a screen to ward off insects at nighr...

..and decorated with faux pine tree trunks
that looked so real- you wound not suspect
they are made of concrete.

Food is ordered from the counter fast- food style.
The munu was varied and very affordable.

It took a little while to  deliver the food
so we still had time to bond with family, 
to talk, have fun  and to cuddle one another-

  ...on the cold and balmy Dahilayan evening.


We ordered the most delicious Bulalo
that we have ever tasted.
This Forest Park version is less greasy,
Less salty but tastier than the more
popular Batangas Bulalo.

We also ordered Pork Barbecue
that the kids lovedamd ate up with gusto

They also serve a tasty  Crispy Fish Fillet
with  tangy tartar sauce

...a very tender boneless 
Chicken Barbecue

A delicious Beef Stew that was hot and spicy-
 perfect for the cold mountain weather

...and the very Pinoy, and very yummy
classic  Pork Adobo.

Forest Park is a fabulous and affordable
mountain getaway perfect for people traveling
with the whole family.

An overnight stay is not enough to enjoy the place.
We will definitely return and stay much longer

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  1. Sarah Jane LaureanoMay 28, 2014 at 5:38 AM

    Thank you for sharing your family adventure at Dahilayan Forest Park. The photographs were nicely captioned and it help in planning our own family trip to the place in few months.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog Sarah.

      I'm glad that you found his post helpful.

      I have written several blogs about CDO and Dahilyan and I hope that you read them too and find them helpful as well.

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  2. Hi Ramon. (Seems I've lost my recent note here) It's been months since I first read your blog. Just saying that the trip to CDO-Bukidnon_Dahilayan has been completed last August and it was an awesome experience. My tribe from Davao (families with school age children) had excellent 2 nights with kids going crazy at the park's playground and older ones tried the adventure rides. My own happy campers are now back here in WA and we all looking forward to the next visit hence, coming back here to check out some ideas. And by the way, I hoarded a few of their raisin/cinnamon bread as well as strawberry jam. Thanks!! All the best. -- S

    1. Hi Sarah.

      I’m glad you enjoyed Dahilayan just as we did.

      I would also like to thank you for visiting my blog once again.

  3. hi! I just read your well written blog regarding your experienced traveling Cdo and Dahilayan Bukidnon. I am planning to visit Dahilayan on July. Thanks again for this great info....

    1. Hi Chillybear25. Thank you for the kind words and thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy Dahilayan as much as we did on our visit.

    2. Hello. If you're looking for Van for rent pwede po kami . Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter ,17 seater, and Starex . Rate starts at 3500+renters fuel for out of Davao City trip. For queries please feel free to contact me 09078955582. Thank you :)

  4. Hello. If you're looking for Van for rent pwede po kami . Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter ,17 seater, and Starex . Rate starts at 3500+renters fuel for out of Davao City trip. For queries please feel free to contact me 09078955582. Thank you :)