Monday, April 29, 2013

Pancake House & Sbarro Centrio Fused Cuisine

Pancake House & Sbarro Centrio
Fused Cuisine 
(CDO and Bukidnon Series 8)

On our last day in the city, we dropped by
the Centrio to take a quick lunch before
flying back home to Naga City.

We contemplated on dining on
one of our two favorite restaurants.
Sbarro’s and Pancake House.

Aside from me, everyone voted for Pancake House
But I was craving for a good Italian Classic Cheese Pizza.

So off I went to Sbarro’s ordered my food to go…

…while the rest of my family settled
and ordered their food at Pancake House.

As usual, most of their favorite bestsellers
did not disappoint- from  Bonoan Fish Steak,

…to the Oatmeal Crusted Fish Fillet,

…and our favorite Salmon Fillet  
making up  for the smelly version
that was served to us in their branch in Nuvali.

While I feasted on Classic Cheese Pizza,

…and tasty garlic bread 
from the nearby Sbarro’s.

Indeed- this is a  delectable fusion
(or was it a case of fused?) cuisine.

Just for their wonderful restaurants alone-
which are usually found in Metro Manila
and happened to be our favorite places to dine-
I could live forever in Cagayan de Oro.

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  1. I can't wait for the Epilogue!! :)

    1. I have not updated my blog for a little while as I have gotten very busy.

      Don't worry Lemons, I'll post it anytime today, maybe this afternoon.

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

  2. This CDO blog series has overhyped and over exagerrated CDO and Bukidnon and what was written here is far from reality.

    Seda is overpriced, Centrio is nothing but a mini mall na dili tinatao, Dahilsyan is pretending to be Bsguio when it is nothing but a copycat.

    Eleksyon na bai. Mga politika mabayad kahit kanino para sa balota.

    1. What you read is what you get.

      I travel and blog about it.

      I don't blog to travel and I also don't travel to blog.

      I'm not being paid for this- as blogging is just a past time. I have not been paid by any politicians to promote any place I visit and I do not know any politicians in CDO.

      I'm an endocrinologist by profession who travels with my family for R & R.

  3. fuck off anonymous you are from golly.....mind your own davao.....kayo taga davao incecure sa development sa cdo....tortured na kayo sa progress sa cdo....

    1. I understand you outburst gold.

      I'm tempted to say the same thing. That comment unfortunately did not come from Davao according to my dashboard.

      It came from somewhere else.