Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Best Cheese Pizza in Naga City

The Best Cheese Pizza 
in Naga City

My family is a Cheese Pizza fanatic.
Nothing beats a pizza with nothing on it-
but the goodness and creaminess of cheese.

So we compared the  6 popular Pizza joints
In Naga City that offer Cheese Pizza in their menu.

The  6 Pizza Restaurants

Included in the review the cheese pizzas
were three our favorite  Pizza restaurants in the city
and my family’s favorite dining places:

Yellow Cab

...Pizza Hut

and Carlo’s Pizza.

Also included are the cheese pizzas
from our least favorite Pizza parlors
like Shakey’s because of its too salty dishes,

…and Greenwich which ironically
is to total opposite of Shakey’s;
horribly sweet pizza and pasta   
tasting like they were bathed in ketchup.

I included our favorite  Italian Restaurant
Grissini Ristorante,  which is not a Pizza Parlor
but  serves  good Italian pizza as well

The Verdict

Surprisingly two of our favorite Pizza restaurants
like Pizza Hut and Yellow Cab Cheese Pizzas
 belonged to the bottom three
 together  with (not a surprise at all)- Shakey’s.

6th Best Cheese Pizza
Shakey’s Classic Cheese Pizza

Shakey’s Classic Cheese Pizza 
Comes in a perfectly baked  thin crust dough
and  I would rate it # 1 on my list
on the best thin crust pizza category.

But this is about the best cheese pizza in town
and it comes just too salty for me.-  so it was easy
to delegate it on 6th position in this taste test.
I found a hard time choosing which is better
between Pizza Hut or Yellow Cab Cheese Pizzas
as these two restaurants are always on top of our list
when it comes to our family’s  dining options.


5th Best Cheese Pizza
Yellow Cab’s Cheese Pizza

The beautiful Yellow Cab’s Cheese Pizza
boasts double layer of mozzarella cheese
perfectly oven scorched.

If this blog is about the search for the 
most  good looking pizza- then, Yellow cab 
woud win in this category easily.

.But we came to realize that this cheese pizza
is only a notch higher that Shakey’s
as it also a little bit salty, albeit more cheesier.
so  I would put it on the 5th position


4th Best Cheese Pizza
Pizza  Hut's  3- Cheese Pizza

We tried Pizza Hut’s 3 Cheese Pizza
both available in Thin Crust and Pan Pizza
and surprisingly the latter was still crunchy
and the pizza was bursting with the wonderful
flavors of Parmesan, Cheddar and Mozzarella
a combination good old cheeses.

Ordering a pan pizza with Parmesan Cheesy Crust
is an plus factor that only Pizza Hut offers.


Top 3 Best Cheese Pizzas 

Included in  the top 3 Cheese Pizzas are
Greenwich, Carlo’s Pizza and Grissini’s.

I have expected Carlo’s Pizza and Grissini
to be on top of my list as they were
on our favorite list of dining places  in Naga City 
but Greenwich came as a surprise
as we really never really liked
their sweetish Pizza and Jollibee-like menu.

3rd Best Cheese Pizza
Greenwich 7 Cheese Pizza Overload

Greenwich may not be on my favorite list
but who could say no to their cheesy extravagance?
Cheese lovers- eat your hearts out-
imagine being pampered with 7 types of cheeses in one pizza!

Mozzarella, Cheddar, Edam, Parmesan
Cream Cheese, Blue Cheese
and apparently Special Cheese.
Whatever the latter means they all perfectly blended
 in a supermarket quality, ready to cook- like  dough.

But who cares about the imperfect dough?
A pizza is bursting with thick layer
of 7 kinds cheeses is nothing but irresistible.


It was difficult to choose
between Grissini’s and Carlo’s Pizza.
for the  # 1 and # 2 slots
for Naga City’s Best Cheese Pizza.

Both their cheese pizzas are called
 “Quatrro Formaggi”
and both have the same cheese contents:
Blue Cheese, Parmesan, Mozzarella and Cheddar.

2nd Best Cheese Pizza
Carlo’s Pizza’s Quatrro Formaggi

Carlo’s Pizza had the same cheese content
and the taste are almost identical with Grissini’s.

I wanted to have a head on taste test between the two
but Carlo’s Pizza had closed down
so I’m putting it on number 2 by default
It’s still available in Metro Manila
but not in Naga anymore.


The Best Cheese Pizza in Naga City
Grissini Ristorante’s  Quatrro Formaggi

The best Cheese Pizza therefore goes to Grissini-

The four cheeses perfectly blended well
with a splendid pungent aftertaste of Blue Cheese
lingering at the back of your tongue
making you crave for more,


  1. I disagree. Shakey's is the best among the six. The proof? It's been in Naga since the early eighties and with 2 branches is still alive and kicking. Carlo's and Grissini's pizzas are bland. Shakey's offers flavorful pizzas.

  2. I like the sweetish pizza of Greenwhich. It is a plus factor. Some Italian pizza and pasta preparations are just too sour for the Filipino taste.

    Well, just like Shakey's, it has two branches in Naga City.

    I agree Grissini is bland and whatever you say Blue Cheese is yucky.

    Carlo's Pizza? Well what can I say? It did not last a year in Naga City.

    For me it's always Greenwich no matter what kind of pizza, followed by 3M (it's that little store near Veteran's bank.

    Also try Mexita Pizza in Mayon Avenue- they also serve good sweetish pizza.

  3. Choices here are going against the norm. Greenwich and Shakey's for me.

  4. Top three all had blue cheese.

    So un Filipino. Dapat Cheese Whiz. lol.

    I hate pizza with blue cheese. Tastes like 'amag'.

  5. Hi monC.

    You like blue cheese eh?

    This post should have been divided to the best cheese pizza and best cheese pizza with blue cheese categories to be fair.

    Honestly, I agree with your choice for Grissini. I love the Pizza Hut 3 Cheese Pizza though. I'll put it on number 2.


  6. Thank you for your comments.

    I did not notice the top three cheese pizzaa that I chose all contain Blue Cheese. I may have chosen them, indeed due to my blue cheese addiction.

    But anyway- in my opinion the blue cheese in a pizza is the one that gives that pungent after taste that would make you crave for more.

    Again, thanks for the comments and for reading my blog.