Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cake My Day & Graceland Baker’s Plaza: Affordable Stylish Cakes in Naga City

Cake My Day & Graceland Baker’s Plaza
Affordable Stylish Cakes in Naga City

My family’s love affair with Cake My Day
began when I received a beautiful cake
as a birthday gift  several years ago.

It was designed as a neatly folded doctor’s jacket,
complete with name plate and a rolled stethoscope.
It was so stunningly  realistic that we
didn’t want to eat the cake anymore.

After a year, it again created 
a cake for my birthday,

...that came with  cookies that I could give away 
to my patients at my clinic's waiting room.

Few months later, on December, my son Timothy
was assigned to bring a cake  for the school’s  potluck
Christmas Party and Cake my Day came to the rescue- 

…and dished out a beautiful chocolate cake
shaped like a gingerbread house populated
with happy Gingerbread family.

The kids so loved the cake that they didn’t
want to eat it anymore and guarded it fiercely
from anyone who wanted to intrude the cake.

On Timothy’s Christmas Party a year later,
we wanted to please the kids so we volunteered
to bring the cake for the usual potluck party
and Cake My Day did not disappoint.


It created a lovely and jolly Christmas Cake
reminiscent of a snowy Christmas wonderland.

On the kids' next Christmas Party, they baked
the kids a wonderful 2- layered Christmas Cake
with a jolly and merry a Santa's Playhouse theme.

On their last Christmas Party, we opted for a change.
Instead of the traditional yearly cakes, we decided to bring
Christmas Cup Cakes, also baked by Cake My Day.

Cake My Day created miniature masterpieces depicting
delightful Christmas symbols on every piece of cup cake. 

Each cake is an intricate work of art, 
created with sheer love and dedication.

We even had a Food Pyramid Cake designed for
my son’s Nutrition Month  celebration in school, 

…and the kids loved and learned a lot from
the highly interactive and beautiful cake.

From then on, my son has been known to
bring beautiful and delicious cakes in school,
and Cake My Day has been successfully
making the kids happy  and us parents satisfied
for the joy that it brings to the young kids in school.

After a year, Cake My Day again created another masterpiece  for
 the the kids' Nutrition Month Celebration: The My Healthy Plate Cake. 

It was based on American Diabetes Association of food plate
distribution and with an advise of adding a fruit to the diet plan.

It looked so real the the kids marvelled at the cake for a long time and
 just like in the past, they didn't want to eat it as they didn't want to ruin it.

It also created fabulous birthday cakes
for Timothy year, after year, 

…birthday, after birthday.

The latest of which is my son's 10th
Birthday Cake with a Hi5 motif on it. 


Graceland Baker’s Plaza had been a reliable
source of beautiful birthday cakes for
my daughter Nicole, when she was younger.

It even crated a multicolored fairy fantasy cake
on my daughter’s fairy themed seventh birthday,

...that matched her fairy court’s 
multicolored gowns.

I could say the Nicole grew up together with
Graceland Baker’s Plaza’s fabulous cakes.

Cake my Day on her 16th birthday cake sans the 
bikini reflected her love for surfing and wakeboarding.

When she turned 17, Cake My Day created
a lovely Twitter inspired birthday cake.

On Nicole's 18th Birthday, Cake My Day created a
 grand and elegant multi- layered cake for her debut.

On her graduation from Upper Elementary,
Cake my Day created a beautiful cake.

We initially wanted to put a popping champagne
for a decoration but since she is still a minor
we settled for popcorn that looked so real.

During her high school graduation Cake My Day 
baked a beautiful and dainty graduation cake


With Cake My Day and Graceland Baker's Plaza,
birthdays and growing up are more fun in Naga City.


  1. Metty Regondola CruzOctober 17, 2013 at 6:12 PM

    Awesome stylist cakes!

  2. Metty Regondola CruzOctober 17, 2013 at 8:58 PM

    !!! Love this pyramid cake, perfectly made!

  3. May I know how to order cake sa Cake My Day. Do you have a contact number pls?

  4. They have an outlet at SM City Naga right in front of Gilligan's and Colonial grill. You may order from there.

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