Saturday, February 20, 2016

Marcasotes: Albay’s Indigenous Steamed Cake

My, O! Marcasotes 
Albay’s Indigenous Steamed Cake 

 A patient from Albay brought a Marcasotes for me as
a ‘pasalubong’, and I became nostalgic as it took me
 back to my fond childhood memories in Polangui. 

Marcasotes is a native steamed sponge cake,
usually served during special occasions and
I remember having them on our breakfast table
every fiesta, paired with hot chocolate drink. 

Marcasotes in Albay are either made in Camalig, Tabaco and lately, 
I learned that Ponso, a barrio  in Polangui  located right next to Napo, 
the place where I grew up is another popular source of the native cake.


It is made of flour, sugar, and vanilla, placed in
handmade paper bags and steamed in large clay pots
lined with cut banana bark, giving it a delightfully
unique firewood- smoked aftertaste and aroma.


This native cake reminds me of the Italian 'panettone',

Link Source: Food Network

…and each bite of Marcasotes brings me back to the
good old days of my childhood, savoring the tasty cake
with a hot chocolate that my mother had prepared, 


...right after watching the early morning Diana, a brass band
parade trumpeting the commencement of  the barrio fiesta.

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