Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Global Kitchen, Naga City: One Stop Asian Cuisine Experience

Global Kitchen, Naga City
One Stop Asian Cuisine Experience

We discovered this new restaurant after driving 
aimlessly around the city, looking for a space to park,


…when we chanced upon the new Global Kitchen at
Panganiban Drive, along the city’s main thoroughfare.

The restaurant had a straightforward
and basic Asian inspired interiors,
and also offered mostly Asian cuisine.


The menu made us nostalgic from our travels on various
Asian countries in the past and again gave us a chance to
sample and experience the food we loved, enjoyed and
craved during our travel, without having to leave Naga City.


We ordered Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls
for our appetizer and it did not disappoint,

…it was just as good as the spring rolls
in  Hotel Movenpick Saigon, where we
stayed on our visit to Ho Chi Minh City.

^^^Moevenpic Saigon's spring rolls

We loved Vietnam as it is a haven for delicious
yet healthy dishes and Global Kitchen reminded
us of that wonderful culinary experience once more.

We love the Filipino Sinigang na Baboy so we ordered one.
This restaurant really lives upto its name as a global kitchen
as the sinigang had just the right degree of sourness and could
be enjoyed without wrinkling you face in acerbic revulsion.

This sour soup reminded me of Apu Restaurant’s
siningang, at the City Of Dreams Manila as it had
an almost exactly similar taste and just as delicious.

The Savory Chicken was deliciously tangy and flavorful,

…that the only way to describe it is to compare it to
the tasty and savory fried chicken that we enjoyed
on our past travels in Beijing and Hong- Kong.


Thai Tofu Mixed Vegetables was also very delicious.
It appears like any other Pinoy guisado dish but there is
a distinct delightfully spicy aftertaste that tells you that
this is not just an ordinary stir fried vegetable dish.

This is one dish that we crave and we never
fail to try during our past visits in  Bangkok.

^^^Bangkok 10 years earlier

^^^Bangkok 10 years later

We have been craving for Singaporean Chili Crab
and Global Kitchen finally satisfied our long term
craving for this delicious and addicting crab dish.


I already lost count on how many times I have been to
Singapore, and this is my family’s most visited country,

…and we never fail to feast on Singaporean Chili Crab whenever we
are there, and it is difficult to differentiate the Global Kitchen version of
this extremely popular dish from that of  the native Singaporean versions.

^^^Singapore 10 years earlier

^^^Singapore 10 years later

As a family who loves to travel Global Kitchen is a restaurant
that brought us back to the Asian countries that we have visited
in the past. It also made us savor once more the cuisine for other
countries  that we have been craving, travel free and passport free.

It’s a one stop Asian Cuisine experience.

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