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Crown Towers City of Dreams: City of Dreams Manila Series 1

Crown Towers City of Dreams 
City of Dreams Manila Series 1

We arrived early at the Crown Towers


...one of the three hotels at the City of Dreams Manila,


…that would serve as our home for the Christmas Season,
where we were booked for four days and three nights.


The lobby of the only 6 star hotel in
the Philippines took our breaths away.


It was grand and opulent, and 
shone  brightly in a golden splendor.

The lobby was huge, and had several pocket lounges with
 lots comfortable lobby seats where guests could laze and relax.


The staff at the check in counter
was friendly and accommodating.

It took time for them to prepare our room, 
 so we decided to eat lunch at the Apu Restaurant
located at the Boulevard shopping complex,


…also located at the City of Dreams,
where we strolled for a while,

…until the front desk called me on my cellphone 
that our room was ready. Check- in was easy.

We however noticed that for a hotel this grand-
the hallway leading to our room was rather narrow.

We were booked on a suite called Resort King Room, 
which was located at the far end of the narrow corridor



Our room opens to a small foyer at the entrance, 


....and goes to a  floor to ceiling mirrored short
hallway that  also  serves as a walk in closet,

….leading to the bed chamber.

Our room was the standard Resort Suite and we were
 pleasantly surprised to see that it was  very spacious.

It has a gigantic king sized beds, and this is one of 
the most comfortable beds that we had as compared
to any other hotels that we stayed in the past.


It had a comfortable seating area, with a
comfy sofa that could be used as an extra bed.


It also had a round corner table that could serve as a
  dining area or could even be used as a working table,


...that had a welcome fruit tray when we arrived.

They also provided us with yummy holiday pastries
everyday that had a candy cane gingerbread,

...and assorted cookies.


It had huge flat screen TV,

…and spacious closet.


I had a high end coffee maker,

....a complete minibar,



…and a well stocked refrigerator.

It had a beautiful and spacious toilet,

…a nice shower area,

…provided with luxurious amenities,

….and high- end toiletries.

The room had panoramic floor to ceiling windows.


... with a nice view of  the awesome resort garden, 


… swimming pools,


…and the distant Manila Bay, that unfortunately
did not show the famed sunset but only the dismal
sight of the smog the covers Mania every morning.

The iconic City of Dreams Manila’s egg
dome was also visible from our window,

…and becomes a multicolored festive sight at night.

A room had three landline phones-
the first one at the bedside,

...the second one on the table,

…and a third one in the toilet.

We were very happy with the very fast
and complimentary Wi Fi connection.


The Crown Towers is one of the three high end hotels
(the other two- Nobu and Hyatt)  located at the  massive
entertainment complex, the City of Dreams Manila.  

It has it’s own exclusive casino- the Signature,

…and also has an as access to a vast casino
within the City of Dreams Manila complex.

The hotel provides a direct access to the Boulevard, a high
end shopping mall which is also a part of the complex,

…and to the awesome indoor theme park, the Dream Play,

…owned by Dreamworks and apparently,
the only one of its kind in the world.

It also offers a free electric car shuttle 
to the City of  Dreams Complex,


....and a shuttle bus to major malls in 
Metro Manila, Mall of Asia, included.


Crown Towers Manila had a beautiful
heated outdoor swimming pool,

…and a whirlpool,

….amidst a beautifully landscaped garden.

They have a well equipped Gym which I was able 
to use extensively as we checked- in on a holiday
 and I needed to burn all the extra calories

…consumed from too much eating and
feasting during the Christmas Season.


They also have a high end Spa.

The Spa and the Gym had their
own common fabulous lobby,


…the leads to the resort poolside nearby.

With the Dream play,

and the Boulevard just within the complex,

…guests would never run out of places
to play and stray within the hotel. 


Breakfast Buffet
Crystal Lounge

Crystal Lounge offers a delicious breakfast buffet,

…but dining there is one uncomfortable experience as 
it  was meant to be a lounge, not as a full restaurant.



The chairs are so uncomfortably low making eating
awkward as you are staring right across your food.


The tables were unnervingly tall and so small
that the four dinner plates would fill up the table,
leaving space for extra food and condiments.

The Crystal Lounge is also very small and guests had
to wait for hours before they could get accommodated.


Having breakfast in Crystal Lounge is one of the most
unpleasant experience that guests would have in the hotel.


The food was excellent though.


Tasting Room

Tasting Room is an upscale restaurant where diners
are given a more personal services for a distinctive
dining  experience with their world renown chefs.

We initially reserved for an early Noche Buena dinner there but my
mother- in- law and my sister- in- law’s big family visited us in the hotel,


... so we cancelled it and decided to dine at the nearby IHOP instead.

In Room Dining

On the succeeding nights, we were too lazy to dine out
so we took advantage of the all day in- room dining.


The food was superb and the service was excellent.



The Boulevard

The hotel is connected to a high- end shopping center
called the Boulevard the there is a unlimited choices
of excellent upscale bars restaurants and coffee shops.



Crown Towers City of Dreams at City of Dreams Manila is an
upscale but surprisingly affordable hotel  and ideal for families
looking for well-appointed accommodation but traveling on a budget.

It has everything that one would look for a luxury hotel.
It has a, well- designed  comfortable suite rooms,

…the bed was very comfortable,

,,,and the  bathroom was luxurious.

It is a perfect hotel for those who just wanted
to laze around and do nothing at all as they had a
beautifully landscaped European inspired garden,

…fabulous heated swimming pool and Jacuzzi,

….and a fantastic spa.

It also has access the Boulevard,
and the Dream Play theme park,

Despite the topnotch amenities  there are several 
drawbacks that we experienced in the hotel.

First, is the uncomfortable and small breakfast area,
The Crystal Lounge that had really low chairs and
small tables meant for a lounge and not for dining.


Second, we found the hallways leading to the room very
narrow, not proportionate to the grandness of the hotel.


Third, I had to request for our free newspaper from
the front desk  everyday, when they are supposed to
routinely bring it to our room without being asked.


Fourth, the toiletries,  the coffee, coffee creamer packs and the
  sweeteners at the minibar were never automatically  replaced.
We had to request at the front desk  for them to be refilled.

Fifth, the cable TV conked- off during the whole
duration of our stay and failed to restore it but the staff
were courteous and apologetic of the inconvenience.

With these shortcomings albeit minor and correctible,
the hotel’s apparent six star rating is an overstatement.

When we returned to Naga City, I received a call from the manger,
who thanked us for staying in Crown Towers and inquired on how
was our stay. She apologized for the shortcomings and assured me that
they will do everything to improve their service.She promised to give
us a free upgrade to Tower 2 should we decide to stay again next time.

That was sweet. Despite the imperfections, Crown Towers Manila, remains
one of the best hotels that we have ever stayed anywhere else in the world.
I’m excited to return for the free upgrade and luxuriate in their bigger suites.

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