Thursday, January 31, 2013

Max's Restaurant, SM City Naga, post renovation

The newly renovated
Max’s Restaurant
SM City Naga

It was after a three month- long renovation
that we realized how we missed Max’s.

When we learned that it re- opened last December
we trooped back to one of the oldest and
on of the most popular restaurants in  the Philippines.

Our dinner began with the delicious
Sinigang na T’yan ng Bangus.
This dish has been one of our all time favorites
as the Max’s version
has the perfect level of sourness.

Max’s also dishes out
one of the best tasting Bulanglang
in the country


Pinaputok na Isda  is one of the best
innovative dishes of  Max  where the fish
stuffed with tomatoes, onions and garlic  
was steamed to perfect tenderness
that would make it melt in your mouth.


This is the first time that we ordered
Max’s Crispy Pata  and we were surprised
how good it was that it could make
its more popular Max’s Friend Chicken
a mere second choice for a dish.

It did-  in our case, that we ended not eating
the Sarap top the bones Chicken’.
We had it wrapped so we could eat it at home.

There was not much changes
on the newly renovated Max’s
except for a new guy that replaced 
the popular Piolo Pascual
as a restaurant endorser.

After trying hard to identify 
and failing to recognize the new endorser-
the restaurant crew pointed out
that it was Coco Martin.

Indeed- It was Coco Martin.
How could we forget this young 
and talented Indie Film actor.

We were happy that  Max’s
has him given a break and recognition he deserves
that  he  failed to get from major film companies
or even the top TV networks in the Philippines.


  1. Whaaat? monC- you did not recognize Coco Martin? Kapuso ka.


    1. I posted a preview of this post at SkyScraper City CamSur while it was still a draft and someone had already commented that Coco Martin is one of the most popular TV Star these days.

      I googled his name after that comment and indeed me and my family were not aware that he has starred in several tele- novelas lately. How could we be so ignorant.

      I'm happy that this young man's talent was finally recognized by the Filipinos.

  2. Huwaat? I can not imagine any true blue pinoy not recognizing Coco Martin as he is one of the most recognizable faces in the Philippine television. He is more popular the Papa Piolo these days who I believe would do a Rostum in the future. Max's is just one of his numerous endorsements in print and in TV.

    Kapuso ka nga yata.

    1. We are neither a Kapuso nor a Kapamilya. My family do not watch so much TV. There were instances that we got addicted to several good shows on TV like the Philippine Idol that produced the talented Gian Magdangal, the later edition of Pinoy Idol, the Survivor Philippines from Paulo Bediones to the latest seasons that produced the likes of Solenn Husaff.

      I do not remember watching any tele- novela except for Amaya. This time my wife and the kids are hooked to Indio.

      So we were not aware that Coco Martin have starred from any other shows except for his previous exceptional Indie films as they were acclaimed and praised by most of the major newspapers in the past after winning in some international festivals.

      So it came as a pleasant surprise when we saw him as a new Max endorser and I am doubly pleased to learn that his talent finally got appreciated. With his sheer talent and good looks I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Filipinos would go loco for Coco.

    2. Kapuso ka nga. He he he.

  3. Coco Martin the singer?

    1. The Filipino actor. I don't know if he sings though.

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