Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Chef: Twin Crab Recipes Shared

Weekend Chef
Sinful Twin Recipes Shared

I again became a weekend chef
when I received a boxful of crabs
as a gift last Saturday-
so I decided to cook 
them on a Sunday noon for lunch.

Stir Fried Crabs with Ginger

Arrange the halved crabs in a
microwavable dish,

Cook Crabs in a
Microwave/Convection setting
for 15 minutes

That's me- visible on the microwave buttons taking photos

Prepare for Stir frying
once half cooked.

Mix all the ingredients including
the bottled taba ng talangka
our secret ingredient

(now not a secret anymore)

Set aside once cooked...

Prepare the Crab Fat Sauce...
(yes no Gata, just pure 100% Crab Fat)

Thicken the remaining oil and fluids
after stir frying with Coco sugar and flour
and add more taba na talangka...

Pour over to
the Stir Fried Crabs

....for a sweet and tangy
Stir Fried Crab

Sweet Boiled Crabs

Prepare ingredients for boiling,

Boil the crabs with the mixture
until they are cooked..

Once cooked,
drain Crabs until dry...

Serve Hot...

Lunch is ready...

...and get ready
 for a sinful,

...but delicious 
dining experience.


Get the Orlisitat ready
to cleanse out the mortal sin



  1. Yummy!!! in have reservations though on boiled crabs. boiling makes the crab meat soggy.i like it steamed. anyway, different strokes for different folks.

    1. Pre cook the crabs in microwave to harden it little bit. Boiling with additional condiments make the crab tastier and sweeter if sugar is added.

    2. ahh ok. try garlic in lieu of ginger. good to the olfactory

    3. Yes, a combination of McCormic garlic powder and garlic granules was used on the first crab recipe.