Sunday, January 20, 2013

Soledad, Filipino Spanish Restaurant

at The Piazza
Magsaysay Ave., Naga City

Soledad is new restaurant at the Magsaysay Strip
that serves  Spanish- Filipino Cuisine.

Located at the Piazza, this Lifestyle Center,
now offers varied dining options that includes
Starbucks, Yellow Cab and Biggs.

Soledad’s interior was done
by the very talented and very popular
interior designer, Biboy Belleza…

.. . and reflects a Moorish type of Architecture
rather than of a Filipino- Spanish influence.

The menu was of Filipino and Spanish Cuisine
and the price was surprisingly affordable.

We were served complimentary roasted peanuts
on a S- shaped bowl, which disappeared in a jiffy.

The Sinigang na Baboy had the right sourness
that the kids was able to tolerate
without wrinkling their faces in agony
of the as compared to the mostly acerbic versions.

We ordered the popular Bicolano dish of Sinanglay.
The Soledad version is made of boneless Tilapia fillets
making the fish easier to eat and more safer for the kids.
It was so delicious- and I would say that it is
one of the best versions in Naga City.

We also ordered a very tender Pork Spare Ribs
grilled to perfection that was well done
but still very tender and juicy.

The Escabeche con Pollo was very tasty
and with a dominant sweetish flavor that
neutralized the rich and tangy tomato taste.

We actually ordered Dinailan as a fifth dish
but had it cancelled as we were almost finished
with our dinner when we found out that the waiter
failed to take note our order.

We spent a little over than 700 pesos (about 17 dollars)
 for the delicious and satisfying but very affordable meal.

Soledad is a welcome addition that serves
delicious Filipino Spanish Cuisine
amidst fabulous ambiance but very budget friendly.

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    1. It's your namesake.

      Indeed, it's interesting restaurant and very affordable too.

      Thank you for visiting my blogsite.

  2. Replies
    1. Agree Joan. My family was seated right next to the table where you and your family were dining that night. It was a nice coincidence though.

  3. Que viajes tan fantásticos, que suerte tenéis, seguro que la gastronomía será de los más variada.
    Me quedo de seguidora. Pasate por mi blog , es de cocina.

    Un fuerte abrazo.

    Con mil sabores.

    1. Gracias.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and providing your the address to your fabulous link.

      Being a food lover- I enjoyed you Con Mil Sabores tremendously.