Friday, September 14, 2012

Eight Spices at ADC Hotel

8 Spices at ADC Hotel
Spectacular Place, Spectacular Food

While we have been to ADC Hotel several times dine on the restaurants located in the building
like Mexicali...

...the Pro Chef’s Office

 ...and its popular teashop-
the Moonleaf.

My family also made several  visits
to the Hands and Strands-
a beautiful salon also located in the hotel.

So, when they finally opened this September
 we decided to dine on its newly opened
in house  restaurant.


OMG- was the common expression
that we blurted out upon seeing the hotel.

The ADC Hotel,  though small,
 was so beautiful and elegant.

The lobby was so gorgeous...

“It was so Oriental”, said my wife,
referring to the posh Oriental Hotel in Legazpi,

Indeed, it reminded me of the Oriental Hotel
which maintained an immaculate clean cut black and white 
 minimalist look from the lobby...  the suite rooms...

The ADC had the "Oriental " feel
but added splashes of colors...

...and texture to  the otherwise plain furnitures....

Eight Spices was located at the third floor
(The elevator was not working yet during our visit)
maintained the neat and tidy  white look .

Diners are greeted by a display of (eight kinds)
of spices at the restaurant’s foyer...
There were (real) spices
on display of where ever you look.

It  was double OMG when we saw
 the spectacular interiors of the restaurant.

 Gone was the plain spic span look
 with splashes of color motif.

The  restaurant  is a  wonderful display of classy hues
 of modern Asian textures and patterns....

The place was so elegant that you would think twice
 of coming in if you are not dressed to the hilt.

....luckily,  casual attire was allowed.

I couldn’t read the menu  even with my
eyeglasses on as it was printed in tiny prints  
 as if they did not want anyone to read it.

The waitress apologized that it was a temporary menu
and would be replaced later on
as they had just opened a day before,

We ordered Corn and Pumpkin Soup
It was very delicious.

We were able to consume two platters
of the yummy Chao Fan Rice...

We also ordered Steamed Fish,
served in an elongated plate.
It was so good that it did not last very long
on the long plate..

We also had succulent,
tangy and sweet Lemon Chicken

...still crispy- fresh
 Broccoli in Oyster Sauce...

...and Braised Pork
 lying in a bed of  fried noodles

....that is eaten wrapped in Chinese cabbage...

...with a spoonful or two
of oyster sauce.

Eight Spices is a spectacular restaurant
that serves spectacularly delicious food.

The fabulous hotel and the Eight Spices restaurant
are welcome additions to the lively Magsaysay Strip.

Keep them coming.
Mambo Magsaysay!


  1. Huwaaaaw.

    Wala akong masabi.

  2. I don't think it is Oriental or Asian at all. Maybe the food as seen from the pics are oriental/Asian but the 'feel' & interior decoration was more Modern-Contemporary/Fusion. It is smartly thought of though. Very nice!

    1. Thank you for this comment.

      I agree with you. It is of modern contemporary/fusion.

      I'm have no expertise in interior design. Maybe I just got carried away by the delicious Asian Cuisine that they serve.

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    Incidentally, we are traveling to Jakarta, Indonesia on November 2013. Bali comes next to our list of places to visit in the future,

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