Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Mind Museum

The Mind Museum
The Fort, Metro Manila

We arrived from Naga on a Sunday noon at the Intercon
for our German Embassy Visa appointment next day.

Had a late lunch at Jeepney Café…

…and we had a free time the whole afternoon.

Aside from securing our Schengen Visa,
we also intended to watch Phantom of the Opera
and visit Mind Museum while in Manila

We found out that there are no Monday shows for the Phantom
and the Mind Museum is also closed every Monday.
Since we would be returning to Naga on Tuesday,
we decided to go to Mind Museum instead.

A decision we did not regret

We have always included museum visits every time we travel.
The kids had been to some great museums in the world-
like the Greek Archeological Museum in Athens

 …the Louvre in Paris, France,

…and various museums in the US

…but the ultra- modern Mind Museum in Manila
was something the kids really enjoyed.
We were welcomed by a talking robot
at the museum entrance…

…learned about molecules
the delicious and chocolaty way,

...was able to create a tornado
by pressing a button…

 … travel back in time.


…and even dig fossils in an archeological site…

 They got to manipulate the phases of the
moon on their finger tips…

…get to walk side by side with an astronaut

...and walk thru the universe..

...explore the what is inside a human brain...

...and interact with a Whale Shark
without getting wet...

The Mind Museum is a must visit
for family travelers like us …

...as kids get to learn science the easy way...

My daughter’s curiosity in Museums
began when she was about four years old
when we visited Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

We are returning to Amsterdam next month
and she is looking forward
to see the museum of her childhood after ten years...


  1. Hi monC,

    The kids seem to travel a lot. How do they do that without being marked absent in school?

  2. Hi Cris.

    My daughter is in a home schooling program. She could travel anytime. She used to be in a non graded Montessori School while in lower and upper elementary and also allows her to travel anytime.

    My son is at present in a Montessori School and also allows him to travel all the time. We intend to put him to home schooling in high school.

    Schools should not stop kids from traveling. There is a lot oh things to be learned outside the classroom.