Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Molino Grill, Magsaysay Avenue

Molino Grill
Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

Whenever we (Nagueno’s) are thinking
of a restaurant that represents Bicol Cuisine,
we only usually consider at least four restaurants
to showcase our fares…

These are the popular
Biggs Diner…

and Red Platter Restos

...Chef Doy’s,

…and the iconic
 Bob Marlin,

Molino Grill although one of the pioneer
restaurants at the  Magsaysay Strip
(and lately opened at branch in SM City Naga)
never comes to mind
as a showcase for Bicolano cuisine.

But the in reality, it is one of the best restaurants
that offer Bicolano food in the city…
at a very affordable price.

We spent only a little over Php 700 ($ 16)
for the following yummy fares…

Molino Grill  Mushrooms for appetizers
which was less salty compared
to the Bob Marlin version…

…a native Chicken Tinola
served in a caldero, also a less saltier
version of Bob Marlin,

…the rice was also serve
the same way( in a caldero),

…a very good tasting
Spare Ribs,

…the best Pinakbet in town,

…and of course the classic Panangat,
Camsur version with 
crablet and young coconut filling..

The Molino Grill's pinagat filling
has a unique, coarse consistency
(not the smoother ones found in other restos)
and the grittiness adds texture to the dish.

Although paid separately,
you also get to enjoy the great tasting
coffee from the nearby Beanbag Coffee Shop.

Molino Grill is a cheaper but delicious alternative
in dining out at the Magsaysay Strip.

Being more than five years old,

...Molino Grill
needs a little facelift-

...but the quality and the taste of food
is otherwise comparable or even better
than the rest of the wonderful restaurants in the strip.

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