Friday, September 28, 2012

Guam and Fiesta Resort Hotel

Guam and
 Fiesta Resort Hotel

‘It feels like home…’
That’s what one feels upon landing in Guam.

It is so like the Philippines...
 from the tropical climate,

…to the people-as even the Filipino language
is widely spoken in Guam….

But one comes into a realization
that we are not in the Philippines the island is spanking clean…

…there is no traffic…

…the urban grime and filth that we see
in most Philippines cities
are nowhere to be found...

We stayed in Fiesta Resort Hotel, in Tumon

...that has a direct access to the beach…

...and a had a great view
of Tumon Bay.

The hotel reminded me
of Shangri La Mactan in Cebu ,
as the design and the view was very similar…

 Shangri La Mactan, Cebu

Fiesta Hotel serves a wide array of international buffet
at the ground floor restaurant-
including decent number of Filipino cuisine…

The beach front was gorgeous..
with a beautiful white sand beach

…with turquoise, clear water…

Guam is an ideal and perfect vacation spot
where you could tour the whole island in a day…

...have fun, shop and dine 
at the city center at night…

…and spend the rest of your vacation...
lazing on the sun, sea in an urban paradise
with a laid back ambiance…

...bury yourself in the sand

...indulge in water sports.

There is no need to travel
to a far off, isolated island
to have some peace and quiet.

In Guam, paradise is right
at the heart of the city...


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