Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hotel Indigo Berlin, Alexanderplatz

Hotel Indigo Berlin- Alexanderplatz
Stay and Feast


After a long trip from Naga City to Berlin, 
with stops  in Manila, Taipei and Amsterdam, 
we  arrivedn at Hotel Indigo Alexanderplatz- 
raring for a must needed rest.

The hotel was brand new, (less than a year old)
and had a modern, minimalist design...

The lobby looked a little bit stiff but welcoming
with shades of green, white, gray and black colors...


The hotel exudes an ultra modern aura...

 From the lobby’s masculine motif, the super fast and very quiet  elevators.


 The corridor’s lighting had motion  sensors that turns 
on automatically whenever someone  passes by .

We we"re expecting a rather regular room as I have been
 e- mailing the hotel for an upgrade but got no response.

The room  also had a modern, minimalist look
 that is both beautiful and simple.
It has a comfortable  king sized bed,

...a minibar with modern coffeemaker,

... a beautiful  bathroom...

...with modern amenities
 like towel warmers,

...and marvelous shower room that provided two types 
of showers (rainfall and regular showers)

The room also had a huge LCD TV.

But  beyond the aesthetics, the room was  too small for comfort.
 In realty it was a very small room made to look spacious by 
the huge floor to ceiling  mirrors mounted on the walls.

There was not enough space for our luggage.
One good thing though-  the bed was tall enough
to hide one them...

...and the other found its' way at one corner of the room.

Instead of a couch, there was a decorative chair,

...which is not too comfortable to sit at-
and only serve as-  well, for decorative purposes.


There was no working desk in the room
 but a small round table at the corner.


And the wall mirrors had a little ledge
on one side and serves as a vanity area.

Whenever we check in in a hotel.
I gauge the degree of comfort of the on my kids’ faces..
 Without saying anything, their expressions
shows a good hotel room from a not so good one...

This time I did not see the delightful sparkle in their eyes
and the satisfied  smiles on their lips...

This would be our home for the next seven days.

The hotel also had a terribly slow
internet connection,both on the free wi- fi
and the 6- Euro voucher per day.

Amazingly, we adapted to that small room
as days went by.


The hotel has advantages though;
it was located just few  steps away from Berlin’s
major tourist attractions like the Berlin Tower,

...the Berliner Dom,

...and the museum island-

It also offered affordable bike rentals.

Hotel Indigo may not have the best hotel room
but the hotel staff were very  friendly,
approachable and always ready to help...

We kinda like the hotel
and started missing it when we checked out. 


Buffet Breakfast at
the White 5 Bar and Lounge

The White 5 Bar and Lounge serves one of the best
European and continental breakfast
on any hotel that we have stayed…. 


They have wide choices of fresh Salmon dishes...

Various types of hams and cheeses…

Freshly baked breads…

….and oh, the glorious German sausages,
bacons and creamy eggs….

So far having breakfast in this hotel
 is something we always look forward to.



My general impression for Hotel Indigo:

This is a modern and friendly hotel,
with rather small sized standard rooms .

I could recommend this hotel room
for people traveling alone, without any bulky luggage.

For family travelers- get a room upgrade
or forget about staying in a standard room.

I e- mailed for an upgrade in advance
but got no response.
Could it be due to their 
slow internet connection? . 

Will I stay there again? 
Of course yes.
(If they answer e- mails for the upgrade)  

 It's a wonderful hotel in general,
we just reserved the wrong room.


  1. Nice details of your bathroom. I love it! It gives me inspiration for my future bathroom.

    1. Indeed. They have nice bathroom. One of the best that we've seen

  2. seems its fun to have a visit in Germany and looks great place to stay and enjoy your lovely vacation

    1. This hotel is very close to most attractions in Berlin like the Museum Island and Berliner Dom and also just few steps away from the Alexanderplatz Metro that could take you anywhere in the city in a breeze.

      The hotel staff are very friendly and helpful too.

      Thank you also for sharing your link in Hotels in Abu Dhabi.

      Come to think of it- my family has never been to any Middle Eastern country.

      I hope that we would be able to visit the Middle East in the near future.

      Your link would be a lot of help.