Monday, November 5, 2012

The Great Train Ride to Prague

The Great Train Ride to Prague
Stray and Feast

The Scenic Train Ride

My family loves train rides.
With the absence of a good
train service in the Philippines,
we make it a point enjoy the train rides
in other countries…

Some of the best train rides we had in the
are the San Diego- Anaheim- LA Route
that passes thru the lovely Californian oceanside  

About eight years ago,
when my eldest daughter was very young,
we also took the Amsterdam,


and Paris Eurotrain ride
that took  us to the charming
European countryside.

Lately- we took the very scenic
4 hour train ride from Berlin
to Prague in the Czech Republic.

We embarked at the ultra modern
     Central Train Station called Berlin- Hauptbahnhof

…took  a first class couch 
on a Eurotrain,

...with stops in Dresden and Prague
and to its final destination- Budapest.

The seats were very comfortable
and we were seated facing each other…

The 4- hour trip also a chance for the
kids to study their lessons…

The kids are home schooled,

…and have their non graded, non academic subjects
(like PE elective language subjects, and extracurriculars)
 at the Montessori school purely for socialization purposes.

By near noon , the train steward
 started selling snacks,

…and the kids are still engrossed
with their lessons.

Berlin countryside is generally flat lands
with huge farms as far as your eyes can see,

...farmlands after farmlands
until we reached Dresden Station.

When we entered the Czech Republic,

…the scenery changed from beautiful
to breathtaking…

I asked the kids to stop studying,
and prepare to go to the Dining Car
to have lunch and enjoy the scenery…

When we settled at the dining table
I ordered food and asked the children
to look out of the window and enjoy the view.

“We may never pass this way again-
take time and immerse yourselves
to the enchanting European countryside.'
I told them...

Everywhere you look was a fascinating
display of nature's beauty…

We have never seen something
so beautiful in our lives.

The serenely antiseptic
Vltalva river,

…attractive riverside houses,

…virgin forests showing
entrancing colors of autumn,

… mountain top Castles,

…alluring rustic villages,

…and even dark,
underground tunnels.

The four hour train ride,
was the feast for the senses,

and a wonderful preview
of what is in store for us. the beautiful 
City of Prague

...for the next
 five days,

...until we move to Amsterdan
by air for our last stop in Europe
before we return to the Philippines
after another five days.

at the Dining Car

When the view was too good to miss-
I asked the kids to stop studying

and we moved to the Dining Car
for lunch and to enjoy the magnificent view
of the rustic European landscape..

My daughter was apparently was not hungry
so she just ordered a Goulash Soup
which she shared with everyone.
It was very delicious…

I had Pork Cutlet
with Mushroom and Mixed Garnish
which tasted so good…

My wife and son shared
the Grilled Chicken Breast
with Rice in Lecso Style

The food was superb.

…and with the Czech Republic’s
beautiful bucolic countryside,

…dining at the Eurotrain was a wonderful
and unforgettable experience for the whole family.

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  1. Great post.

    It feels like I've taken the train ride myself.