Monday, November 12, 2012

Hotel Golden Star, Prague Czech Republic

Hotel Golden Star,
Nerudova 48, 118 00
Prague 1 - Mala Strana

Stay and Stray

After the scenic train ride from Berlin , we were in awe 
to see how lovely and how ancient Prague was…

We took a taxi from the Prague Central Train Station
to the beautiful Hotel Golden Star,


When we arrived at the hotel
we were incredulous as we cannot believe
that this old but well preserved historical building
would be our home for the next five days.

There are not enough words
to describe the beauty of the hotel-

No picture could no justify
the elegance of  the place in reality.

 The hotel was apparently a part
of the hilly Hradčany Reeve
that makes up the Prague Castle complex
located just up above the  hotel.

The building was recorded in writing as early as 1372
and is located in Nerudova Street right at the Royal Lane
in the historical center where the Bohemian Royalties
used to pass by on their way to the palace uphill.

This historic building opened its door again in May 2000
after being renovated and converted 
to the 4- star Golden Star Hotel.


The renovation retained
 the original architectural elements

...including the more than 
200 year- old antique stairway.


The hotel had an indoor courtyard…

...and our room was located 
at the second floor
(third floor actually),

...As they did not count the ground floor
 as the first floor…

It had an ante- chamber…


...that leads to the spacious family room
that is opened with an old fashioned key.


Being an old mansion,
 it had high arched ceilings
with magnificent crystal chandeliers….

Furnished with antique looking furniture,

...elegantly framed

...dainty tea sets, 
crystals and silver wares,

and complemented by luxurious
modern  bathroom with a huge bathtub…


...that my son enjoyed having hot bath
to soothe him from the cold autumn weather.

It had a huge king sized 
antique sleigh  bed,

Flat screen LCD TV
…and a super fast wireless internet,
ironically faster than the one 
in the ultramodern hotel we stayed in Berlin.

The kids are delighted as the room
was lavished with both reading desk  
and study table so they're happy have 
their own study areas.

The hotel rooms offers 
a view of Royal Route,

…and of the the beautiful 
Lesser Town red roofs.

The road ramp in front of the hotel 
leads to the Prague Castle

…and the stairs on other side leads 
to the Maia Strana and Loretta.

Hotel golden Star is also walking distance
 to almost all historical sites in Prague
like the Wenceslas Square,

....the Old Town Square,

 …the Charles Bridge,

…and the iconic 
Sto. Nino de Prague.

The Hotel Golden Star 
doesn't feel and look like a hotel.

We felt we were just staying as guests
of a rich but hospitable relative's mansion.

It feels like home, 
 it is as comfortable as home,
and every one felt at home in Prague
(even if we're miles away from home).


Buffet Breakfasts and Dinners
at the Zlata Hvezda Restaurant

The hotel serves a standard
but decent breakfast buffet
at the hotel dining area near the lobby…

…the restaurant apprently
used to be the mansion’s wine cellar.



They serve a wide choices of breads,


…European sausages, bacon,
hams, creamy eggs 

...yogurts, salads cereals
and cheeses,

and my family’s favorite breakfast
pork and beans.

Since the hotel do not offer
Room service…
 We usually take our dinner
at the same restaurant-

...that offers wide range
of  excellent  Czech Cuisine…

They also have an outdoor Café,



...that overlooks the Royal Lane,
where you could eat your meals
on a fine sunny weather.

I’ve never heared about the hotel in the past
but it was offering really bargain rooms
for only 19,000 pesos for the five days stay.

I was hesitant to book at first
so  I read costumers' review of the hotel
 on several booking sites,

…there was not a single
negative review of the hotel.

The reviews were all positive, all good words
and praises so- I took the risk.

With the kind of hotel services that they offered
and the fabulous hotel amenities that they had-
I felt we hit the jackpot!

It is officially rated as a 4 star hotel-
and rated 4.5 stars by Trip Advisor,

I’m personally giving the Hotel Golden Star
a wholehearted 10 stars.

We are visiting the nearby Vienna in two years
- and we are definitely returning to Prague
and stay in this hotel again.

While most of great hotels we stayed in the past
focused of making their guests comfortable-
Hotel Golden Star makes you feel at home.

My family considers it as 
the best little hotel in the world.

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  1. ohh... Such a nice place to spend holidays in czech republic. Wish I can go and witness the beauty of the place.

    1. Hi Karen. Thank you for visiting my blogspace.

      You will be surprised that visiting the Czech Republic is really very affordable.
      Most of the hotels are even cheaper than our budget hotels in the Philippines.

      Their currency is still in Corona (just double our Philippine Peso to get the equivalent amount) so the Czech Republic is still a lot cheaper that their neighboring European countries that use Euros for their currency.

  2. nice places! I think it is better for spending your free time in there... Hospitality furniture

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog Nadia.

      You are right.

      My family fell in love with Prague maybe because we fell in love with this hotel in the first place.

      I cant say of anything negative abut the country- and finding for superlative words to describe the place would sound as it I am exaggerating.

      Visiting Prague is the most beautiful experience my family had.

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    1. We can never get enough of Prague. We intend to return in 2014 as we are scheduled to go to Vienna.

      Thank you also for providing your link. I found your hotel rates very reasonable and very close to Wenceslas Square and also built from a very historic building. We'll consider staying there next year for a change.

  4. : The Bohemia Plaza Residence is the best antique hotel in Prague providing modern amenities, quality service, and value for money and convenience at affordable ratesAntique hotel in Prague

  5. Looks like you had such an amazing and relaxing vacation in Prague. These photos are really amazing! I really want to there now because I think I will enjoy that place. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for reading my post. Indeed it is such a joy to find a a rare gem of a hotel. A hotel so small and affordable and yet so big in features and services.

  6. Hotel golden star is such impressive and great hotel for tourist. Thanks for giving your excellent experience of this hotel also its provide all luxury and ultimate facility.

    1. Indeed.

      Thank you for taking time in visiting my blog too.