Saturday, December 8, 2012

Medieval Cezky Kromulov

Medieval Cezky Kromulov


Czech Republic is blessed with
so much beauty, culture and history.
Visiting this lovely country is like
traveling back in time…

We booked for a tour for Cezky Kromulov
on our fourth day in Prague.

It was a two hour trip by Bus...

...and virtually followed the scenic  trail
of the Vltava River from Prague….

We arrived at the Cesky Kromulov a
little earlier than expected,

We had a bird’s eye view of the town
at an elevated viewing deck…

We were amazed on how beautiful
and ancient the place was.

The town grew up within 
a meander of the Vltava river, 

...and has retained its entire medieval layout
and most of its historic buildings intact.

The architecture  of this medieval town
 Was more Gothic Romanesque

Which differentiates it  from the more elaborate
Gothic and Renaissance buildings
of the 12th and 13th century Prague

…and the intricately decorated buildings of
the glorious 18th to 19th century Victorian era
in the resort Town of Carlovy Vary...

It was like being in a time warp
When the world was in the middle ages...

….of narrow cobbled streets-

…authentic medieval buildings
converted to shops and hotels...

…rustic wooden bridges…

…yummy native pastries 
and pretzels,

And the huge- old  UNESCO heritage 
Cesky Kromulov Castle.

Being in Český Krumlov is like being taken back 
in the Middle Ages’ small town... the structures and buildings
dating back to the medieval times-

....are relatively undisturbed
 for over some five centuries.

Restoration has been slight-
and it  is an  authentic  example
of a perfectly  preserved old  townscape.

Restaurace Maštal

Maštal Restaurant is located
right at the town center

…and housed in a really old building
that used to be an animal shelter
in the Middle Ages…


It was renovated into a beautiful restaurant
but preserved most of what was an animal stall

 …and the feeding tubs in the room
where the animals are kept on winter
are still intact.

They served great
traditional Czech cuisine..

...and had one of the best
Minestrone soup in town…

 My son ordered a Chicken dish with potatoes
Which he liked and ate it without prodding

While the rest of us order a Trout dish
cooked the traditional Czech way.

The food at Maštal was superb-
and is a perfect place to dine-

... as you are surrounded  
with the medieval ambiance-

...that only a real middle age town 

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