Thursday, December 20, 2012

Naga Oriental Wok @ Avenue Square, Naga City

Naga Oriental Wok
Avenue Square, Naga City

Crown Park, Oyster Villa
and Naga Oriental Wok are three
of the iconic Chinese restaurants in the city.

Naga Oriental Wok used to be located
Paseo de Caceres in Caceres St.,
but moved to Avenue Square
about 8 years ago (in the mid 2000).

We had a chance to dine again
in the said Chinese Restaurant,


....and we were looking forward of
trying the good old Chinese dishes,

....that we have missed
 for a long time.

We ordered their famous
Shark Fin Soup
of the snappy and gelatinous kind,

…we also had the Yang Chow Rice.
It had the right texture and the way
that the rice absorbed all the flavors added on it
was a feast for the senses…

 …the classic crispy and tender
and  a long time family   favorite
Buttered Chicken…

The very delicious
Sweet and Sour Lapu- lapu…

The best tasting and the freshest
Chop Suey in town…


…and the spicy, crispy,
and unbelievably very, very delicious
Spare Ribs.

Naga Oriental Wok
is an iconic Restaurant that serves
iconic and authentic Chinese Cuisine,

…that you would never get tired
of coming back again and again.

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