Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chicken Bacolod @ Puregold Mall Naga

 Chicken Bacolod
@ Puregold Mall Naga

After being away from the country
for almost a month…

…and after eating nothing
but European foods during our vacation-

…and some Southeast  Asian cuisine
but there were no authentic Filipino dishes
are available on all places that we’ve been,

So on our first weekend in Naga City
we found out that Bacolod Chicken
had opened at Puregold Mall,
we decided to dine there.

It has been years since
our last visit in this restaurant
on their branch in Magsaysay…

We usually have lunch between 2 to 3 PM on weekends
but they are only open at lunch time,
take a break at 2 PM  and reopen late afternoon -

…so we never get a chance to dine
at the original branch of Bacolod Chicken.

The newly opened restaurant
offered unlimited orange juice.

We ordered Sinigang na Salmon
which had the right degree of sourness
that the kids were able to tolerate…

A ‘bilao’ full of  barbecued goodies
 that was  unbelievably cheap at  650 pesos…

…and goes with a family size coke
which we decided to take out because
of the free orange drink.

To balance the carnivorous main meal
I ordered Kangkong with Bagoong,


…my personal favorite-
Inasal na Batikolon or (chicken gizzard)

…and we ended the meal with
an all time Pinoy favorite dessert

 Bacolod Chicken is the way to enjoy
sumptuous Pinoy foods on a budget.

Just don’t forget to bring your Xenical
to flush out at least 30 grams of fat.

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