Friday, December 14, 2012

Geewan at Centro Naga

at Centro Naga 

We couldn’t get enough of Filipino foods
after arriving from Europe-
that we visited none but local restaurants
that offer Pinoy dishes…


It was one lucky day for us
for finding a parking space at Geewan…

We have been longing to eat
in this wonderful turo- turo
but we rarely find a parking in Centro.

The restaurant was full
even at 2: 30 PM on a Sunday…

…and we feasted on delectable
Bicolano specialties from the flavorsome
and tender Sinigang na Baka…

…their own version of the classic Pinagat
with young coconut and crablet fillings…

…the classic
Sweet and Sour Fish…

…crispy Chopsuey,

…tasty Boneless Bangus,

…the delicious
Adobong Manok sa Gata,

…and of course their
hefty serving of creamy fruit salad,

…and their velvety 
Leche Plan…

Geewan is one classy turo- turo
where you can feast of Bicol dishes
on budget – friendly prices.

Geewan has a branch
at SM City Naga Foodcourt.