Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Berlin Zoological Garden

  The Berlin Zoological Garden
 'What  a Wonderful World

Stray and Feast
(with Nature's Beauty)

The Berlin Zoological Garden 
 or Zoologischer Garten Berlin
is the oldest and best known zoo in Germany


The zoo covers about 34 hectares
and located in Berlin's Tiergarten. 


  It is also one of the oldest zoos in the world
as it  opened in 1844 

and has the most comprehensive collection
of species in the world.

 But this blog is not about the more than 1,500 different species
and around 17,500 animals found in the zoo…

 …but about the beauty of  of the zoo
that showcases nature at its best.

It is filled with well manicured parks,

…scenic landscapes, 


… colorful flora and fauna, 


…splendid fountains and waterfalls, 

…picturesque multi- colored trees
showing the beautiful shades of autumn.



The zoo had breathtaking ponds, 

…and serene flowing rivers, 

The The Berlin Zoological Garden 
 is such a captivating sight


...that could mesmerize and makes you realize 
how beautiful the world is-and how wonderful life is... 


… it would make you want 
 to drop on your knees and
scream your heart out of joy.

The scenery makes you hear Luois Amstrong 
singing  'What a Wonderful World'
at the back of your mind

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  1. Amazingly beautiful zoo.

    Magnificent photos.