Tuesday, October 30, 2012

LEGOLAND® and Dunkin Donuts Discovery Centre Berlin

and Dunkin Donuts
Discovery Centre Berlin

Feast and Stray

We were on the second day of our
Hop in Hop off tour in Berlin,

...but it rained really hard that we decided
to just see the sights from the bus.

Intending to go to the Check Point Charlie-
it rained some more and the autumn weather
became intolerably cold.

We hopped out in Potsdamerplatz
and took refuge at the nearby
Sony Discover Center Building

Dunkin Donuts
Discovery Center Berlin

There is really nothing to review
in Dunkin Donuts-

..as .they serve nothing but  yummy donuts
and that’s all there is to it…

I never appreciated this donut shop
in the Philippines-
maybe because of the very hot weather…

...but in a near freezing autumn
where temperature
drops down to as low as 5 degrees-

... Dunkin Donuts gives instant comfort
and relief from the biting cold.

Delicious Muffins,


...good old, classic
sugar raised donuts,

...and whole wheat Bagels
with cream cheese-

...combined with their piping hot
brewed coffee…

...Halloween freebies,

...and fun coin souvenirs.

Dunkin Donuts spells heaven
on a wet and cold autumn in Berlin.

Discovery Centre Berlin

The Kids were all smiles to find out that
Legoland Berlin, an indoor theme park
was located right at the Discovery Center.

We queued for tickets.

It was a three level theme park,

...showing miniatures
built entirely on Lego Blocks,

  of  historical landmarks, buildings
and monuments in Berlin…


…even life- size LEGO images
of popular superheroes,

...and lots of fun games,

…and exciting rides. 


That made the kids rainy day-
well – sunny?

It wasn’t as massive as its counterpart
in Carlsbad, California,

...but it was super fun- said the kids  
after the visiting Legoland Berlin.

Shall we try the newly opened Legoland,
in the nearby Malaysia next time?

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