Monday, October 22, 2012

Wandel, Berlin

Restaurant Wandel 1
Eat Drink Coffee
Bernhard-Weiß-Str. 6
10178 Berlin

'Turo- Turo' in Berlin

Right across and in direct view of our hotel room
was a huge restaurant that occupies the whole first floor
 of the building in front of Hotel Indigo.

The restaurant intrigued us.
it opens  very early in the morning
closes late at night-
and is always full of diners.

We once had a late lunch (at 2:30 PM)
at the time when there were no people around.

There is no menu and the dishes are displayed
in a glass -enclosed counter and choose whatever
you want to order from there.

There was a interesting  sign on the board
saying Kriminal Menu- left us amused but it was in German
and the people on the counter
could not translate it on English.

So we just pointed whatever is there…

I could not recall what the dishes were-
but they tasted good and was a good bargain.

We only paid a total to 18 Euros
(roughly 800 pesos) for everything

Not bad-
no wonder why it is always full of diners,
day in- day out.
You also had to clean up your table after eating
and put the used dishes on a rack

The kids thought that the cleaning up

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