Friday, October 19, 2012

Alt Berliner Beirsalon

Alt Berliner Biersalon
Kurfurstendamm 225-226, 
10771 Berlin, Germany

While we were on a hop in hop off tour in Berlin,
we decided to hop off at Kurfurstendamm
to dine at Hard Rock Café Berlin…

…but the queue to Hard Rock was quite long,

It was almost 2 PM, we decided to dine at  the nearby
Alt Berliner Biersalon  

If translated in English the name would mean
Old Berliner Beer Salon.

The restaurant is a typical German Pub,
with the interiors that reminded  me 
of Shakey’s of the 80’s.

Dark hardwood, 
gilded with gold and silver

… intricate French  iron works

…and classic European-  English decors
 of the old days

The menu was in German
(with English translation of course)
and it offered native German specialties.

I decided to take photos of what we ordered on the menu-
so I'll remember the name of each dish for this blog.

We ordered Brandenburger Potato Soup
with Viennese Sausage and bread for starter

The soup was so creamy and chunky,
that together with the bread could be a meal on its own.

I ordered Aspic of Pork
with tartar sauce and fried potatoes
for myself.

The dish turned out to be a raw pork
gelatinized with pork fat.

It was so damn good 
that I emptied the plate in a jiffy.

My daughter ordered Fried Sausage
with pickled sour cabbage and mashed potatoes

She also raved how delicious
 the sausage was.

While my wife and son shared the
Berliner Curry Sausage with French Fries.

I have not tasted a drop of beer 
since I got married 15 years ago,

...but being in a beer salon  was a good excuse for me 
to have one- with my wife’s consent (of course).

The beer was excellent.

It also played a bouncy 
German Folk Music

...and got my young son  prancing
and dancing on the stage
to the delight of the other diners...

The full packed Hard Rock Café turned out to be
 a blessing in disguise for us.

The German dishes served in the pub
 was a unique culinary experience for me and my family.

Oooo-the food was so lecker.

A taste of Germany that would last forever

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