Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bob Marlin, Bicolano Jamaican

Bob Marlin
Bicolano Jamaican

Bob Marlin in Magsaysay Avenue
is an iconic restaurant in Naga City…

The ambiance
 is Jamaican…

 but  ironically, there is really
nothing Jamaican in the menu,

…but  a showcase
of the finest Bicolano Cuisine-


That’s what Bob Marlin is….


“Drink  like a fish…”
says the resto’s catchy tagline
that effectively captured the yuppies…

…and with a reputation of serving good food  to boot…
-it attracts the whole family as well…

Our foray at Bob Marlin’s began
with Bob Marlin Mushroom Appetizer
and found the dish to be salty…


It was followed by one of their bestsellers-
Tinolang Manok.


This Bpb Marlin dish  has been praised
even by  the Azkals  as the best they tasted
and posted their comments on the wall…


In our case, 
we also found it salty…

We were starting to get disappointed.….
until they started serving the main fare…

The fried Hito was so good
that my son did not want to share it anymore…


The Pinangat has a young crablet filling
could put the plain gabi leaves version into shame…

The  Blue Marlin Slab
was indescribably tender and delicious…

The  Chop Suey was tasty
 And the veggies still crispy


And there is only one way to describe
their  OMG Crispy Pata…


 …you guessed it right-  
While we were eating
we still noticed the extra saltiness of the food.
We later found out that it was from the Bagoong Rice.

 We set aside the offending dish,
 ordered plain rice
and everything turned out well.


For authentic  Bicol dishes
Bob Marlin is the place to go in
Naga City

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