Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Clementine’s Magsaysay Ave., Naga City

Magsaysay Ave., Naga City

Long before the fancy restaurants came to town, 
Naguenos go to Clemen’s (Clementine’s old name).
for  formal dinner dates…

Clemen’s used to be located at DMG building
serves European Cuisine cooked to suite the Filipino palate…

In the mid 2000 the restaurant  moved to
Magsaysay Avenue
was renamed Clementine 
and has been based there until now…

The restaurant has an 
old Europe ambiance

with a cornucopia of elegant 
Victorian decors…

 reflective of the owner’s good taste…

…and sophistication…

Clementine  was the pioneer of fusion cuisine
in Naga City

The restaurant’s longevity would remind you of the
good old home cooking that lingers in our minds
and craving to be savored again in our palates…

  T- Bone Steak
It is the taste of Europe that slowly evolved to become
a part of every Nagueno’s culture and taste…

 Tenderloin Tips

Clementine’s longevity is a testament
that the good old restaurant
has endeared the Bicolanos for so long…

  Chicken Cordon Blue
…has reached an iconic status,

  Herb and Garlic Pasta
and survived for a long time
despite the city’s food industry glut .

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  1. I would come here every year for my bday since it opened during the mid-90s. Last time I was there was 2002 (DMG bldg) and 2004 (Magsaysay)-both w/ my hubby. Great food and ambiance! Wishing they were still at DMG in 2004. Great if they retained it as Clementine's and just opened the new Country Grandma's.