Sunday, August 12, 2012

Red Platter Bicol Cuisine in an Old English Setting

Red Platter
Bicol Cuisine in an Old English Setting

Red Platter is a part of Graceland
a popular Bicolano Fast Food Chain …

It used to be located in Naga Centro
but moved to Magsaysay Ave,
in the mid 2000…

It has an old English ambiance...

...designed by the popular Bicolano
interior designer Biboy Belleza…

But the restaurant is known for serving
Not of English goodies
but delicious Bicolano dishes…

They serve complimentary
crispy koropek as an appetizer…

The Sinigang na Salmon Belly
has the right sourness
and could really be eaten like a soup starter…


The Mixed vegetables, tasted like a regular Chop Suey…
and there’s no way one could differentiate the other.
The veggies are fresh, crispy and tasty,


The Bicol Platter is highly recommended.
It contains a really hot Bicol Express
and CamSur’s version of Pinagat
(with young crablets for filling…)

The Inihaw na Liempo was full of flavor and succulent
has just a right hint of sweetness and saltiness,
and was cut into bite size pieces…

Despite being a Filipino restaurant
they have a tomato ketchup ready at the table…

That went well with
the grilled hito...

...that we bought in a talipapa in front
of the Penafrancia Church
after attending an anticipated mass.

...and of course,
the unforgettable blueberry cheesekace
that Graceland Baker's Plaza is known for...

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