Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mexicali Naga

Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

To experience the taste of Baja California
without having to travel between
the San Diego’s Chula Vista and Mexico’s Tijuana boarder.

…and without having to secure a multiple US entry Visa
(to be able to return back to the US territory)
and not having to pass by the very strict US border patrol…

…is to visit the Mexicali Naga,
which according to the company is the only
Mexicali branch outside Metro Manila…

…they serve yummy Mexican- American dishes
which are surprisingly compatible to the Filipino palate…

…they are also exclusively serving
the delicious and popular Arizona drinks…

Come and taste Southern California
at the Mexicali Naga…

Good food
is what good life is all about.

...and life is good
at the Mexicali.


  1. just looking at your beautiful images and captions make me want to take frequent trips to Mexicali...we can't thank you enough doc!

    1. Mexicali is a great restuarant. They also serve a superb Columbian Coffee but nobody seem to know about it. I think Mexicali could be promoted as a coffee shop. Imagine the great coffee shops in Magsaysay Strip like Starbucks, The Coffee Beanery, Kopi Roti, Beanbag. MacDonald's McCafe and why not add Maxicali to it?