Wednesday, June 20, 2012

H20 Hotel

H20 Hotel
Manila Ocean Park

We were in Manila for the Advance Student Awarding
(students taking lessons four to five years 

ahead of their grade level) in Manila.

We intended to stay at the ‘Grand Old Dame’
being a historical hotel and the venue for the event.

We opted for a change.

We checked in at the newly opened
H20 Hotel right at the Manila Ocean Park...

...and had no regrets.

The Aqua Room we stayed
had huge Aquarium right beside the bed.

It kept the kids entertained all day...
...and seem to never want to leave.

Tim’s Yaya got bored and sleepy
for doing nothing

Indeed, who needs a TV (and a Yaya)
when when you have the view of the underwater world
right in your  bedside?.

We have been to many wonderful
hotels in the world...

...none was unique as this one.

Photo Credit: first photo (Manila Hotel) was taken from the web.

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