Saturday, January 10, 2015

CJZAVE BBQ and Grill: Korean Style Barbecue, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

CJZAVE BBQ and Grill 
Korean Style Barbecue 
Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

Several acquaintances and friends have recommended this new
restaurant in Magsaysay Avenue for the past few weeks but none
of them could remember its name so we failed to find and visit it.
All they could say, it offers an eat all you can Korean barbecue dishes
and they have all been very positive with their recommendations.

So when I saw the Korean Style Barbecue” in a signage underneath
a weird name of CJZAVE, which looked more Russian than Korean,
I knew we’ve found the restaurant that we have been longing to dine.
Weird. Why would one name a restaurant with an unpronounceable,
unreadable, horrendously strange name that is impossible to recall?

The restaurant was pretty small, straightforward
and plain as it didn’t have any fancy interiors,

…had table top grillers,

…and the pre- marinated meat and seafood
to be barbecued are displayed in a buffet table.

They have Bulgogi (Korean beef barbecue), Dwaejibulgogi
(spicy pork barbecue),Galbi, Saegogi gui (Grilled Beef),  
Samgyeopsal Gui (grilled pork belly), Dakgalbi (spicy pork
barbecue), Bacon Rolls,  Squid, Shrimps and even Hotdogs.

At the other end of the buffet table are various sauces,
and dips, Kimchi, a small salad bar a dessert section.

Diners are given with adequate grilling equipment,

....and would grill the food right in on the table top electric grill,

…served with unlimited and Iced Tea.

Aside from the Jello and watermelon, one could
also ask for unlimited servings of native choco
or mango flavored “dirty” ice cream for dessert.

This consonant dominated, bizarre- named restaurant, 
that no one could remember- is a wonderful place to dine
as the place is clean and tidy, the food is  unique and
delicious, the service is excellent and the price is right


  1. how much po rate nila?

  2. Saan to located sa magsaysay? Meron pa ba nito?

    1. It's still open. it's located infront of Kambingan restaurant.

  3. Do they have lettuce and all the veggies?

    1. Yes. Also unlimited and enough to make a decent salad.

  4. wait lang cjzave.. pupunta at kakain din aq jan.

  5. how much po ang rate nila?

  6. Perfect place for samgyeupsal experience. Unlimited shrimps, sqiis strips etc.