Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Daddy’s Grill’s Dinner Buffet: Feast Like No Other

Daddy’s Grill’s Dinner Buffet 
Feast Like No Other 

The weekend seafood market-like ‘paluto’ was
replaced  by and ‘eat all you can dinner buffet”
at Daddy’s Grill, my family’s favorite restaurant.

For only 199 pesos, the diner would be treated
on one of the most extensive selection of dishes
among the free standing restaurants in the city.

 I don’t know if they change the dishes each week-  but when 
we dined at Daddy’s Grill few months ago, they had an 
awesome spread of what I believe as some  of the most 
delicious food entrees that we have ever tasted in a buffet.

The main buffet had a delicious Corn Soup that we
found addicting as it was thick and tasty that  the
kids kept on coming back to refill their soup bowls. 

Sisig has never been on my favorite list, despite being
voted as the best pork dish in the world in a New York
food festival, still, this Daddy’s Grill version is so good
and could be appreciated even by non- sisig fans like me.

I have always considered Daddy’s Grill as the
best seafood restaurant in Naga City so it is of
no wonder if their Fish Fillet would turn out to
one of the best tasting dishes on their buffet.

The Honey Garlic Chicken was so good
that I kept on returning to refill my plate with
this deliciously sweetish- tangy chicken dish.

The Sizzling Tofu tasted a little spicy
and was very tasty as it was healthy.

Their Porkloin Tips was just as tasty,

…and of course, the delectable Spicy Squid,
true to its reputation as the best seafood
restaurant in the city, it was so damn good.

They also offer unlimited drinks
of Iced tea and Sago’t Gulaman.

They also have a decent variety of 
tropical fruits in the dessert section,

…but what we liked most is our favorite
local bakery sweetbread called Londres, 
that was serve in delightful bite size pieces. 

Daddy’s Grill Weekend Buffet did not disappoint
as the food selection was great, the price is right-
a real good value for money for the hungry diners.

Still, I felt sad that they did not have the
weekend seafood paluto anymore. I just wish
that they would offer that great dining experience
again as it is what they are known to do best,

…and sets them apart from other
regular restaurants in Naga City.

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