Thursday, September 5, 2013

Daddy’s Grill Bestsellers

Daddy’s Grill Bestsellers 
Bestsellers are not Necessarily the Best Dishes

We returned to Daddy’s Grill several weeks ago
as we could not forget one of the most satisfying
meals we had in our lives during our first visit.

This time, we ordered from the menu instead
from their massive seafood display on the counter.

The first thing we asked the waitress is which
is their bestseller on the menu and she readily
answered, Bagnet- so we ordered one to try it.
It wouldn’t be fair for me to review on how I found
their version of Bagnet as I really never appreciated
this fatty dish as it was nothing but a slab of pork fat.

The last time we had a Bagnet  for dinner was at
the Oriental Hotel in Legazpi and we ordered the dish
not becasue we crave for it but there was not just much
choices in their in room dining- we did not like it.
We have not tried the authentic Ilocano version yet,
but our previous experiences with this dish,
I am pre- conditioned that I wouldn’t enjoy it either.

We have also ordered Sinigang na Hipon,

and Daddy’s Grill cooked the dish perfectly
with the right degree of sourness that it did
not overwhelm the shrimps as you could still
taste and savor its fresh seafood aftertaste.


My son requested for a fish, so we ordered Fried Tilapia.
It did not look attractive when served and it appeared
like it was a little bit overcooked- but looks can be deceiving.
The fish was perfectly fried to crunchy perfection on the skin
and the flesh was cooked to the ideal tenderness and consistency.

We could not get over on how delicious their buttered
 Grilled Oysters that we ordered in our first visit,

…so we ordered a kilo of Grilled Oysters, only this time
they cooked it with oyster sauce instead of butter.
It was okay- but the buttered version was the best that
iwe ordered a second serving- for this one, did not.

A restaurant's bestsellers may not necessarily 
be the best dishes, and this is a lesson to be learned.
Despite the little disappointment on Bagnet and
our over- expectation with the Grilled Oysters,

I stand to my point that Daddy’s Grill is still
the best seafood restaurant in town and just as I have
stated in the past- I could eat here forever.

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