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Flavours Gastronomica: Delicious Christmas Weekend (Christmas 2014 Series 4)

Flavours Gastronomica 
Delicious Christmas Weekend 
(Christmas 2014 Series 4) 

It has always been such a pleasure for my family to dine at  
Flavours Gastronomica   in CBD2, as the place has subtle but 
tastefully decorated interiors,  that is both beautiful and comfortable,


…and they serve some of the most
delicious dishes in Naga City.

We have just returned from our US after almost a month- 
long vacation  and we were craving for good old homey food,

…and Flavors Gastronomica is a perfect place to dine for 
 Pinoy dishes that we have been missing and yearning for a while.

So we ordered true blue Filipino dishes to satisfy our
cravings like the very delicious Kalamansi Juice, made
from freshly squeezed native lemons served very cold,

…and the Tanglad Juice, made from the tangy
lemon grass, and I don’t know how they squeezed
juice from this leafy shrub but it tasted real good.

We ordered Fish and Chips as starters and we
loved it, as both the batter coated fish and the fries
were perfectly fried and deliciously addicting.

The Isabel’s Salad, a healthy assortment of fresh
fruits like pineapple, oranges, grapes combined
with vegetables like bell pepper’s, onions, lettuce,
 sesame seeds and grilled tender chicken breasts,

…served zesty honey vinaigrette
is healthy as it is very delicious.

My daughter ordered one of their signature dishes, 
Baked Salmon Crusted Pesto. we have already
ordered this dish in the pasta an we have always
like the awesomely baked salon, bursting with the
delightful flavors and aroma coming from pesto
that congealed into a flavorful crust after baking.

My son had a Lemon and Lime Chicken, which
is a perfectly grilled chicken breast marinated in
lemon grass  and lemon with zesty cayenne sauce,

…and we were amused on the novelty that he used
a lemon grass stalk as a skewer and how he got the
chicken meat into it is a work of magic. Just like
magic, the wonderful herb-like flavor of ‘tanglad
diffused a tangy taste into the perfectly grilled meat.

My wife ordered the very delicious Tiger Prawn Parmagiana. 
It is made of two giant baked prawns topped with three cheeses,
(edam, mozarella, cheddar) and bathed in Flavours cream sauce.

While I had a Chef’s Signature Baby Back Ribs, 
which disappointed me initially, as I always wanted
my ribs served by in slabs of huge, juicy racks-
and this one came as a rather small unattractive
piece of meat bathed in thick dark colored sauce.

But this baby back ribs was rather fleshy, was
slow cooked to a sinful, melt in the mouth
tenderness, sweetened with molasses, and grilled
to a heavenly succulent perfection. It was divine. 

Flavours Gastronomica, was able to maintain the
taste, the quality and the  standard food, comparable to
the very first time we dined here last September 2014.

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