Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jack’s Blue Plate Diner: Delicious Food to Crave For, To Die For.

Jack’s Blue Plate Diner 
Delicious Food to Crave For, To Die For. 

We have always been craving for Jack’s Blue Plate Diner 
but since it is located way off at the Pili- Naga boundary,
we end up dining in Naga based restaurants most of the time.

We were happy when they opened a branch in Naga City,
but the restaurant was always full packed and never got a
chance to dine there, and their everyday visibility reminded
us of what we were missing, making us crave much more.
So when we ran out of luck while waiting for our seats
in Jack’s Blue Plate Diner, in Panganiban Drive, we
decided to drive off to Pili to dine at their original store.

It was also full packed at that time, and this goes to prove
that people would troop for good food wherever it is located,
whatever it would cost them, as Jack’s Blue Plate Diner serves
delicious food that one would crave for, and addicting high
quality cuisine that comes in huge serving that one would die for.

There was also an ongoing Pizza and Pasta Buffet at
the  al fresco section, a popular offering of the restaurant.

Jack's Blue Plate Diner's dishes comes in big servings,
and are meant for sharing for the whole family.

We ordered the Sinigang na Baboy, which we always
do as my family considers this as the best sinigang in
the Philippines. Having an American Chef mellowed
and tapered down most of Pinoy’s horribly sour versions
that could contort the diner’s face in acerbic revulsion.

One should also never miss the Fish and Chips,
as this may be the best version in this part of the
world, next to its iconic counterpart- the enormously
popular in Bondi Beach Fish and Chips in Sydney.

We also ordered Orange Chicken, another family favorite
a dish we always order in Chinese Restaurants and this
version concocted by and American Chef did not disappoint.

Finally, the US Certified Angus Sirloin Beef Steak.
It was served Pinoy bistek style, well done and lots
of sautéed onions and aromatic minced garlic topping.

It came with a tasty Fresh Vegetable Salad and
a generous mound of yummy Mashed Potatoes.

It was a sumptous dinner of delicious fusion cuisine from
the Pinoy Sinigang, western style Fish and Chips, oriental
Orange Chicken, and classic and iconic all American Steak
made of US certified Angus beef with a superb Pinoy twist.

Jack’s Blue Plate Diner’s wonderful American/Pinoy
fusion cuisine is a good reason to get us driving to Pili.
The restaurant owner casually informed us that they are
opening third their branch in Magsaysay Avenue we are
all looking forward to that with excited abated breaths.

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