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Instant Christmas Feast: Kids Easy Christmas Cooking 2014 (Christmas 2014 Series 6)

Instant Christmas Feast
Kids Easy Christmas Cooking 2014 
(Christmas 2014 Series 6) 

After almost a month- long US vacation,

…and two tropical typhoons that visited the
country after we arrived before Christmas that
made my family  hotel evacuees for a while,

…aside for putting on our Christmas season curtains,
we weren’t able to put in any holiday trimmings and
yuletide decoration at home- not even a Christmas Tree.

We treated the Christmas season like any ordinary
working days but with the kids on school vacation,

…and with no deeds to do on Christmas eve,
we had a lot of time to bond-in the kitchen.

We always spend our Christmas Eve yearly the way
baby Jesus did in a manger- sleep in heavenly peace.

No evening mass as we visited the church early evening
but all the churches is Naga City were teeming with people
and we failed to find a parking space anywhere, so we
just recited a drive thru thanksgiving Christmas prayer .

We never had any noche buena ever since and our
holiday celebration begins on  December 25th,
by preparing our breakfast for Christmas Day.

My young son woke up early and became a little chef
in his pajamas to help me prepare an Instant Christmas
Breakfast, that even small kids like Timothy can cook.

Instant Christmas Breakfast
Pancakes, Hash Brown, Eggs and Bacon

1. Instant Pancakes

Tim had fun cooking Instant Pancakes, as all we needed
were a pack pancake mix, milk and eggs mixed to together,

…until the batter becomes smooth and fluffy,
and pan fried in a non stick pan.

The little boy was a little bit disappointed
on the imperfect edges of some of the cakes,

…but it could easily be trimmed to make an almost
perfect circle that little kids would love doing.

Timothy was happy and satisfied of the result.
Just top it with butter and its ready to serve.

2. Hash Brown Potatoes

Kids would love to shred the potatoes and
Timothy came in handy as a potato shredder.

Add a small amount of hotcake flour and butter,

… drain before frying,

…and fry until cooked.

While some would want the hash brown potatoes  brown and crispy ,
 we always want ours moist and a little soggy as it is tastier this way.

3. Thick Cut Honey Cured Bacon

Nothing compares to a classic
thick cut honey cured bacon,

…fried to crispy perfection,

…as nothing beats a fleshy strip of
tasty bacon to perk up your breakfast,

4. Sunny Side Up Fried Eggs.

Of course no breakfast is complete
without sunny side up fried eggs.

Breakfast is ready. with a choice of a lighter 
breakfast of pancake, bacon and egg,

…or a carbo rich moist and tasty hash brown
bacon and egg with pancake as a side dish.

Delightful Snacks

1. Organic Mac and Cheese
The kids also had fun cooking the easy to prepare
Annie’s Homegrown Organic Mac and Cheese,

…that just had to be boiled,

…and drained,

…then cooked with milk and olive oil,

…and the cheese powder that comes with
the package is added once it comes to a boil.

Mac and Cheese is ready for a delightful snack
on a chilly, rainy and lazy Christmas Day.

Heavy Christmas Lunch

We had a long list for our late Christmas Lunch:  
Angus Beef SteakCrab Stuffed Fish Fillet, Twice
Baked Potatoes, Chocolate Cake and Oolong Tea.           

1. Angus Beef Steak

Lucky for us Naguenos, as there was an
abundance of US certified  imported Angus
Beef  in most supermarkets in the city,

…and we were able to buy two sirloin steaks,

…which we cooked into a well done
(Pinoy bistek style) - baked sirloin steak .

Sprinkle the meat with beef granules,

…top with white onions and minced garlic.

Prepare sauce by adding instant mushroom
gravy, soy sauce and flour to thicken,

…Pour over the meat,

…and bake on the halogen oven.

Add red and green pepper halfway-
then bake once again,

…and served the Pinoy bistek way: well done.

2. Crab Stuffed Fish Fillet

The kids had real fun preparing this
very delicious and healthy dish.

Melt the butter in the microwave,

…chop the celery and onions,

...add on the melted butter, mix,

…and microwave once more
for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Add the crab meat,

… the bread crumbs and mix
all the stuffing ingredients.

Top the fish fillet with the crab
and celery stuffing mixture,

…and roll the fish fillet.

Make the sauce from chopped celery leaves,
oyster sauce, paprika and kalamansi,

…pour over the fish,

…and microwave on high setting for
10 minutes or until the fish is cooked.

Serve piping hot.

3. Twice Baked Potatoes.

We crave for this dish as it is very
delicious but really easy to cook. 

Bake large potatoes on
halogen oven until cooked.

Cut the topmost part of the potato, scoop out the flesh, 
and be very careful not to tear the potato skin apart.

Mix the potatoes, pieces of blue cheese,

…chopped crispy fried bacon,

…and milk, then mix all together.

Stuff the potato skin with the mixture,

…bake once more,

…and serve hot.

An optional instant mushroom sauce
may be poured over the baked potato.

4. Yummy Chocolate Cake

It’s Christmas and Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake
may sound malignant for the season but who doesn’t
love Among Friends’ devilishly chocolate cake mix?

The ingredients are simple and  the instructions 
written  at the back of the package is easy to follow. 

Pre heat the oven,

…while the kids are mixing the ingredients,
from butter, the egg, the milk ,

...and finally the cake mix.

Keep on mixing until the batter smoothens.

Bake until the cake is cooked,

…and serve.

There was a option to add a icing on the cake
but we decided not to as it would add up extra
calories to the already heavy and loaded lunch.

5. Oolong Tea.

We had this box of Genting Premium Tea stored
in our pantry  that we got as a welcome gift when
we checked in at Marriot Hotel Manila in the past.

It is easy to prepare as you would only
be needing a teapot with built in filter,

…just add boiling hot water,

…and it is ready to serve in a jiffy.

Healthy Dinner

After a whole Christmas day of heavy feasting, we decided to 
eat healthy for our late dinner by having Smoked Salmon, Smoked 
Salmon Salad, Twice Baked Potatoes and Fresh Apple Cake

1. Smoked Salmon

Of course, the Smoked Salmon is ready to eat,

…all we had to do is to take it out of 
the package and it is ready to serve.

2. Smoked Salmon Salad

The ingredients for this delicious
salad are simple and easy to find.

Boil the eggs and the baby potatoes.

Soak the veggies in a vegetable wash,

…and drain.

Chop all the ingredients to small bite size pieces including
the egg and the potatoes and put them all in a salad bowl.

Add bits and pieces of blue cheese,

…add the flaked smoked salmon,

…add a dressing of your choice,

…mix well and it is ready to serve.

3. Twice Baked Potatoes

I have prepared this dish earlier at lunchtime
but bake the potato only once for those that
would be saved and consumed later on.

Just reheat the potatoes in the oven once again before
serving- so it would still a truly twice baked potatoes.

4. Fresh Apple Cake

Baking the Fresh Apple Cake is a little more
complex compared to the Chocolate Cake
as there is no instant or premixed ingredient.

Still the kids enjoyed it very much despite
the doubled effort for baking this cake.

Mix all the ingredients except for the apples.

Chop the apples into small pieces,

…stir in the apples.

Pour the batter evenly on an
aluminum foil lined dish,

Microwave High for 8 to 10 minutes until the
cake surface spring back when touched lightly.

Healthy dessert is ready.

Dinner is served.

A Very Merry Christmas and a


  1. Sarap. Rice na lang ang kulang. He he he.

    1. I agree. The Angus Bistek looks yummy. It's screaming for RICE, not baked potatoes.

      Hi monC. Sosyal ang mga niluto n'yo, and you have a beautiful kitchen.

      If I were your wife- I would not let you cook there. My husband is a good cook kaya lang makalat sa kusina. I end up cleaning everything.

      Niregalohan ko s'ya ng portable outdoor kitchen so he could cook outside.

      Ha ha ha. Laking tuwa n'ya without knowing mas natuwa ako.

      Happy holidays to you and your family.

    2. Hi guys. thank you for reading my blog.

      We are Filipinos and we eat rice everyday being Pinoy's staple food.

      it's Christmas. We have to cook something different and something more special. So we decided to cook potatoes to go with most of the non- Pinoy dishes that we prepared.