Saturday, October 11, 2014

Delicious Daddy’s Grill: Addicting and Habit Forming.

Delicious Daddy’s Grill 
Addicting and Habit Forming 

Although we have been returning regularly
 to Daddy’s Grill, I have not written about the
best seafood restaurant in the city for a while,  I didn’t want to sound redundant, and I didn’t 
want to appear like I have been paid and sponsored
 by our favorite dining place to write about them.

I have always stood to my point that this blog
does not accept sponsorships and freebies.

(Below are some of the photos of wonderful  Daddy's Grill  
dishes in the past that I did not blog in our previous visits.) 

I do not travel and dine to blog,
I do not blog to travel and dine,
rather I travel and dine, then I blog.


So what you read here are honest to goodness personal
reviews,  untouched by any form of commercialism.

We again returned for the nth  to Daddy's Grill and
their weekend “Paluto” seafood display was on.

What caught our attention was the plateful of
giant Sugpo. There were five of them on display,

…and we had them cooked to    
a delicious Sinigang na Sugpo.

The sugpo was so large that it fills
up the whole serving bowl giving
no room for the veggies anymore. 

Daddy’s Grill Sinigang of whatever seafood,
fish or meat that is in there, is so delicious as it
had the perfect amount of sourness, not enough
to wrinkle your face in horrid acerbic revulsion.

We were also happy that the clams ware available,


…and we had a kilo of clams grilled to a
buttery and delicious perfection. My family
loves Daddy’s Grill  Buttered Grilled Clams,
more than its oyster sauce- topped version.

We never fail to order Lapu- lapu 
whenever it is available on display,

…and have it cooked as Sweet and Sour Lapu- lapu 
where the fish is fried to crispy perfection, bathed in
sweet  and sour sauce, and served with fresh and crispy
veggies. This is a highly recommend, as a must try, and
 a must order dish when one is dining in Daddy’s Grill.

We also never fail to order their Malasugui, 
and we have always choose the belly part,

…but this time we tried the torso portion of 
Grilled Malasugui and it was just as good.

One thing that caught my attention on
the display was the Squid Barbecue,


…and I ordered two pieces out of curiosity,
and I did not regret.  What they served is a
handsomely grilled barbecued squid, that was
very tasty but not salty at all, it was chewy but
not rubbery and very tender and easy to bite.

We also ordered Ensaladang Talong, that was served
with  chopped fresh tomatoes and onions and topped with
bagoong,which fortunately was sweetish and not very salty,


We ended our meal with the delightful 
Ice Cream- Topped Banana Turon,

and just us we thought that the fun is over,
we were taken aback by their delicious 
Chocolate Cake, served hot from the oven
and topped with Vanilla Choco Ice Cream.

It tasted so good and addicting that
we have to order another serving. 

The choice of dishes in Daddy's Grill is not limited on what 
is in the menu making each visit a different dining experience.

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