Saturday, October 4, 2014

Legazpi City Side Trip: A Tranquil Penafrancia Fiesta Alternative; Penafrancia Fiesta 2014, Series 5

Legazpi City Side Trip
A Tranquil Penafrancia Fiesta Alternative
(Penafrancia Fiesta 2014, Series 5)

For the last part of this Penafrancia 2014 Series,
I was supposed to write about the Fluvial Procession,

...but I failed to get a reservation on one of the
Avenue Plaza Hotel riverside suites where we
usually watch this awaited Penafrancia event as
it was already fully booked as early four months ago.

The worst time of being a Naga City resident is
being trapped in the chaos and disorder of the final
two days of the week- long Penafrancia Festivity.

Most of the major roads are
closed to vehicular traffic,

...every nook and cranny of the
city are teeming with people,

…the parks, the malls and the
restaurants are filled to the brim,

…and the roads are choking with vehicles that came 
from all over the Philippines, so we packed our bags,

…locked up the house,

…and off we went for a day trip to Legazpi City
in the nearby province of Albay, to have lunch,
visit my folks in my hometown in Polangui and
return to Naga in the afternoon when the fiesta
mayhem had slowed down and weaned out.

The trip to Legazpi was uneventful,


...except for a really long traffic at the bridge being 
repaired in Guinobatan and Camalig boundaries. 

...and we dropped by the Cagsaua Ruins
for a quick visit and photo-op.

This place is pretty special for us as it was here where
me and my wife got married seventeen years ago.

This time we are returning as a family of four.

A guy approached and volunteered his services to take 
our photos and he manipulated my camera like a real pro,

...and came out with really amazing
photos with interesting camera tricks.

We paid him 100 pesos and he was thankful.
Pretty inexpensive for a valuable talent.

Mayon Volcano's tip showed up a little bit and I was able to take
take photos before it disappeared in the clouds after few minutes. 

It was past twelve when we arrived in Legazpi,
we were all hungry so we drove directly to
Kamias, a restaurant located  in Tahao Road.
the very first restaurant that caught our eyes.

We were the only costumers then,
 and enjoyed the place all for ourselves.

Where we feasted on Bicolano fusion cuisine
(which I would blog about later),

...then drove back to Polangui to visit my folks,

...and returned back home to
Naga late in the afternoon.

Despite the fact that Mayon Volcano did not show up the
whole day in Albay, a Legaspi City day trip is a welcome

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