Sunday, October 20, 2013

Biggs Diner’s Extreme Supreme Burger: Falls Apart on the First Bite

Biggs' Extreme Supreme Burger
Falls Apart on the First Bite

We came for a late lunch at the Piazza
in Magsaysay Avenue last weekend
and found Yellow Cab filled to the brim,

…so off we went to Biggs, as it is a reliable
diner that offers delectable dishes with
 fast food efficiency but with a complete
menu comparable to a full restaurant.


We found the restaurant a bit overdecorated
with various Halloween ornaments.

My family ordered their classic fares most
…like the Pork  Kebabs,

Pork Cordon Blue,

...the popular Goto,

...and Tenderloin Tips.

...and of course their heavenly
Cookie Monster Chocolate Cake,


What attracted me on the menu was the
new addition to their extreme burgers
(most of which I blogged in the past),

Biggs' Extreme Burgers; Binge Eating Series 3
…and this new Extreme Supreme Burger item
 had a “must try” seal on it- so I try I did.

It was served in a platter in pale looking bun
heaping with a thick slab of burger patty,
lying in a bed of lettuce, and topped with
tomatoes, mayo dressing, condiments
 and generous layer of fried bacon.

The burger fell apart on the first bite as the
bread at the bottom  of the sandwich
was soggy and I knew from the beginning
that it would break once eaten.

The burger tasted extremely mayonnaissy and it overwhelmed
everything that it overpowered even the beef and the bacon.
Being a burger fanatic, my excitement for this new 
Extreme Supreme Burger  fell apart when the huge 
burger's soggy bottom  broke down on the first bite.

My final verdict for this supposed to be
‘must try’ burger is: well, try it with less mayo
dressing, and hopefully, they would serve it 
with a full and firm bottomed bun.

The good thing is that we had a yummy
Four Cheese Twisted Bread pretzel delivered
from the nearby Yellow Cab,

…that went well with the Ristretto Bianco
which I bought  from the nearby Starbucks.

That saved the day for me

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