Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bigg's Best Sellers @ SM City Naga

Bigg’s Bestsellers 
@ SM City Naga

On my earlier post, I reviewed this well-liked Bicolano fast food
featuring some of their not so popular fares as we wanted to try
something different aside from their bestselling dishes.

So when we visited their SM branch which they call Bigg’s All Star,
we decided to order their well loved and popular fares
 that got the land of Oragons hooked with this iconic restaurant.

Just like other Biggs’ Diner, the SM City Naga Branch
has this American, inspired diner concept 
and the wall is filled of so many  interesting things to look at.

The main difference of Bigg’s All Star in SM-  this one had
a more sports oriented retro display rather than the usual
Hollywood Stars and Rock and Roll Icons of the 50’s and 60’s
found in most of other Bigg’s Diner branches in the country.


I ordered what I consider the best tasting Korean Spare Ribs in the country.
This big slab of meat may look scary as there a some parts that were 
really fatty but it is so tempting as the dish is so juicy and flavorful
It has a sweetish tangy taste with a hint of the sesames seed’s nutty after taste.
It is so tender that the flesh falls from the bone and virtually melts in your mouth.

Although it is usually served in a hot plate, I always request
to serve it on regular plate to make it safe from kids.
It comes with a serving of Kim chi and I always order it with Java Rice.

Dining in Biggs is never complete without trying their Crispy Chicken.
It has a crunchy outer skin but very moist and tender inside meat
and served in various combinations with rice…

with Carbonara,

…or with a piece of Pork Kebab and no matter what 
combination you choose, the chicken goes well with everything.

Another Bigg’s best seller is the Pork Kebab with Java Rice.
This barbecue it so juicy and tender and had subtle peanut after taste,

And of course their delicious Rock and Roll Iced Tea.
There are times that the tea comes too sweet so
request for an extra glass filled ice and a little water
to dilute the tea to the right taste and sweetness.

Biggs is the biggest fast food chain in Bicol and currently
branching out in major towns and cites in South Luzon.


Despite that there is already a lot of national and international 
fast food chains flooding the city, 
Biggs had been in the market for about 30 years.

Their secret to their longevity maybe their quality of service,
awesome ambiance and their tasty food that comes in big servings.

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