Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chilli Peppers' Comes Home to the Avenue Square

The Return of the Great
Chili Peppers
 The Avenue Square, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

Then- there was Chili Peppers  the lonesome restaurant
at the corner of Magsaysay Ave., and Dayandang St.,
(now being occupied by Yellow Cab)…

…that jump started of what is now the famous Magsaysay Strip-
a conglomeration of a hundred more or so restaurants
made up of local, national and even international diners an cafes.

After closing business about five years ago
and having three branches in Metro Manila
Chili Peppers returned back home, 

...this time to the city’s premier 
Lifestyle Center at the Avenue Square.

The new Chili Peppers had a very
modern and contemporary design

…that reminded me of the bar at the
Hotel Indigo Alxanderplatz in Berlin 
with a different color motif.

^^Hotel Indigo's White 5 Bar ^^

We were excited to try their old classic favorites
so we ordered their baby back ribs,
aptly called Baby Come Back.
At the back of my mind I thought on
how fitting the name was
for the restaurant’s homecoming.

The new Chili Peppers looked as if they upgraded their dishes
as they are made up of generous  servings set
 in really huge platters- good enough for two to three people,
so we decided to share our food.

The yummy  Sta. Fe Pork Chop came in
two large pieces of spicy garlic breaded chops.
 They were so tender and perfectly breaded and fried
that you wouldn’t even notice
if you’re eating the flesh or the fat.

The very, very delicious Fish Parmigiana-
a breaded Dory topped with 3 cheese- melt
made up of cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan
served with Pesto Rice.

It is so good that if it was my order
I wouldn’t share if with anyone else anymore.
Luckily it was my daughter who chose the dish
and she benevolently shared it with us.

The Baked Cream Dory in Lemon Butter in my opinion
is the best dish the Chili Pepper had to offer.
It is so good that I would personally recommend this dish
as a must try and must not to be missed.

We have also tried their all day breakfast
and ordered the Bacolod Chorizo.
It had a generous servings of the
spicy Bacolod Longaniza, Atachara,
and garlic rice topped with two fried eggs.

They also serve best tasting Kalamansi Juice in the world
and I believe that this drink could become as iconic as
the Bigg’s Rock and Roll Iced Tea, albeit more healthier.

I am glad that Chili Peppers is finally back home
as we have sorely missed that good old resto
that started it all in Magsaysay Avenue.

Welcome back Chili Peps!
Mambo Magsaysay!


  1. Jurassic Ribs and Kalamansi Juice please?

    I'm glad Chili Pepers is back.

    Welcome home.

  2. Steaks and rice? Hahaha. I think its not a perfect combination, silly. Lol

    1. I have not seen any steaks and rice in this post but anyway, no matter how silly it may seem everything goes well with rice for us- Filipinos.

      I remember dining in Athens with my family and when we were given a fish appetizer, we asked for a cup of rice.

      The Chef advised us that it was a appetizer and he would not recommend it with rice- but still, Filipinos are Filipinos- fish is always eaten with rice.

      And whaddaya know? The fish appetizer with rice blended perfectly. You may read one of my previous post about Carambar in Berlin where they served us on of the most delicious and juiciest steaks that we ever tasted.

      Guess what? We ordered rice for maximum enjoyment.

      Read here for more:

      Silly me.(lol)