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Crown Park Restaurant Best Chinese Restaurant in Town

Crown Park Restaurant 
Best Chinese Restaurant in Town

If there is one restaurant that I would consider
as the best on its kind that offers Chinese cuisine
and I would whole heartedly recommend without
hesitation it is the iconic Crown Park Restaurant.

They have two branches in Naga City, first is
the original restaurant in Crown Hotel in Centro,
right in front of  Plaza Quince Maritirez Park-
where the name Crown Park was derived,

…and another in SM City Naga.

They also have a branch in Iriga City
but my family has never been there yet.

 Source: http://www.iriga.gov.ph/tourism.asp?p=7

I have raved and reviewed this restaurant
several times in my previous blogs…

…and we again got the chance to dine
on this wonderful restaurant last weekend.

They served us the complimentary
platter of roasted peanuts once seated,
as I ordered our dinner…

…I ordered several servigs of Pork Dumsum,

…and Sharksfin Dimsum both of which
tasted very good.

One can never go wrong in ordering
these mini delights as Crown Park
restaurant is very popular for its
delicious dimsums and dumplings.

I asked the waitress on her opinion as to what
authentic Chinese soup  she would recommend.
She suggested Sam See Soup- it is as
Chinese as it can be and it’s their bestseller.

Well, I think this is the only dish that  we
did not like in Crown Park as they had put
to many unidentifiable ingredients in the soup.
It  was  very thick and almost curd- like  that it
look unappetizingly like a vomitus and tasted
like a soy sauce flavored, half- cooked gelatin.

But when the main meals arrived, we have forgotten
about thee horrendous soup as we feasted on the
most delicious Chinese dishes in our lives.

The best tasting  Beef with Ampalaya in the city.
This is our favorite dish and we always order this
wherever we dine, whenever it is available in the menu.

We ordered pure vegetarian dish called
Mixed Vegetable with Tofu- it was very delicious.
It such a joy to know that a dish could be very healthy
and yet still very tasty the even kids would love.


We also ordered Deep Fried Chicken with
International Sauce as we were intrigued
on the sauce’s interesting name. It turned out
that it was a fried chicken bathed on sweet
and sour sauce and it tasted very, very good.

One of the best shrimp dishes that we have
tasted so far is the Sze Chuan Shrimp.
It is made of plump shrimps and a light sweet
and sour sauce flavored with  herbs and spices
and spiced just enough tinge of hot chili sauce.

We have ordered a bowl of Crown Park Fried Rice.
It was so delicious and tasty and could be a meal
on its own, and we should have just ordered plain rice
considering most of the dishes were already flavorful.

We also ordered Leche Flan,


…and fruit salad for dessert,
and they tasted just so, so.

Oh well, desserts may not just be
Crown Park’s forte  but still- 

...they serve the most delectable
Chinese dishes in town

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