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Tugawe Cove Resort, Caramoan CamSur A Piece of Heaven on Earth

Tugawe Cove Resort, Caramoan CamSur
A Piece of Heaven on Earth
Stay, Stray, Play and Feast
(Caramoan Series 2)


After almost three hours of land and sea travel
we finally had a glimpse of Tugawe Cove,

...where my family was headed for a
three days and two nights weekend vacation.

Tugawe Cove is located almost near the tip
of the promontory of Caramoan Peninsula,
facing the island province of Catanduanes.

The sight of the forested mountains,

…the white sand beach,

…and the turquoise sea,

… were beckoning us for  a wonderful
and relaxing vacation ahead-

,,,the cove is not connected  by any road
to the town center  of Caramoan and about
an hour boat ride away from the town’s
two major ports of Guihalo and Paniman.

Being in  Tugawe Cove is like
getting away from everything.
We were given welcome drinks of
watermelon shake upon arriving,

…and all are astonished by the
breathtaking beauty of Tugawe Cove.

The white sand beach serves
as a seashore on one side,

…and a lakeshore on the other side
as there was a  fresh water algae lake
right at the  base of the mountain.

The hotel’s Reception Desk was
 located on one side of the cove,

…and we were introduced to a pretty lady
who would be our personal butler
 throughout out our three day stay.

The entrance to the hotel was thru
the stunning lake and we had to cross
a rustic wooden bridge built on stilts.

There were several new cabanas near
the lake entrance  and I commented that
 I don’t like the green GI sheet roofs
as they didn’t look natural.

The butler responded that the cabanas are new
and they are still installing the bamboo shingles.
She pointed out the that the roofing had already been
installed on the first cabana and others would soon follow.

The new cabanas are meant for the elderly guests
and those with debility would not be able to climb
up the steep concrete stairs leading  to the
mountainside and mountaintop cabanas.

Ours was a mountain top cabana so we passed by
a rather steep network of stairways
and several  charming mountainside villas.

The mountai side cabanas were of the same sizes
all with wrap around balconies sticking out
of the mountain slopes and offer and view
of the rainforest and of the distant sea..

The trek to the room was rather effortful and we had
to stop several times to rest and catch our breaths.

Now I understand the need for the new lakeside cabanas
and the necessity of having  our own personal butlers  
as they are  willing to run errands for their guests.

We were given a mountain top room,
which just like other villas it also
had a wrap around  balcony and had
o view of the restaurant .

It had a rooftop views deck that offers the view
of the ocean with  the imposing sight if the
island province of Catanduanes as a backdrop.

The balcony had wooden dining table,

…and several  lounge chairs where guests
could relax while enjoying the view  of the resort.

The room was spacious and had two double beds.
we are used in sleeping together in a King Sized bed,

…and since all rooms with king sized bed were occupied,
 and we all  wanted to stay in one room they had the sofa 
removed in favor  of two additional double beds.

The room had a flat screen TV with DVD player,
and a minibar inside the TV console,

…and an intercom by the bedside.

It had a spacious and beautiful
toilet and bath.

…with adequate supplies of toiletries.


The resort is very scenic and guests would
never  run out of things to do and to see.

One can just walk or hike around the resort
explore the forest on paved walkways…

…or even hike further more to the lighthouse
located at the peak of the mountain beside  the resort
for  a more panoramic view of Caramoan
and its famous surrounding  islands.

Or one may just enjoy the sight of some  islands  
visible at the restaurant’s view deck,

…like the Katanawan Islands (Grande and Pequena)
both of which were  extensively used by 
Survivor USA that shot two seasons of the
popular reality show in Caramoan’s  scenic islands.

The  stunning Limestone Rock Island
directly visible at the infinity pool
was used as a backdrop for the
spectacular opening  of Survivor India.

The best thing to do at Tugawe Cove is really
just to laze around and do nothing at all,


Even if the resort is located in an almost
inaccessible isolated cove, guests would never
run out of water sports activities like swimming
on the crystal clear water with abundant sea life.

Snorkel on the vast coral beds just few meters
away from the white sand beach,

Guests may  also kayak on the calm waters of the cove,
or even on the beautiful and serene algae lake.

For more extreme water sports activities
there is  jestki and a speed boat for rent .


Or even just run around 
and enjoy the beach at night.

There is also a beautiful infinity pool 
near the restaurant that offers amazing view
of the ocean and the nearby islands by day,

…and glows on dazzling 
but relaxing colors at night.

Billiard tables are also found on the restaurant
which I observed were almost always being used
by guests  all the time, day in and day out
(so I wasn’t able to take photos)

One thing lacking in the hotel is a playground
for young kids, which I hope they would build
either by the beach or near the restaurant grounds,
so the kids wouldn’t sigh in exasperation saying:
“What, no playground? Lugi.


Dining is such a joy in Tugawe Cove
as you may take you meals in your room,

…at the balcony, the restaurant,

...or even at the beach where you 
have a view of  serene lakeshore 
and breathtaking seashore at the same time, 
depending on where you are seated. 

 Glorious Food. That’s all I can describe 
 the abundance of food choices in Tugawe Cove 
 which are surprisingly affordable,

…and we never stopped eating
during our three day stay

We arrived from Naga City nearly noon
and we intended to dine  at the restaurant
 but it rained very hard for few hours
 that we requested out butler 
to serve our lunch in our room.

We were served an immaculately white 
but tasty ‘Nido Soup’ or Bird’s  Nest Soup

The main meal came in huge servings
 that are enough to be shared for everyone.
 My daughter ordered a delicious Chopsuey
She said it was so good as the veggies were
 fresh and crispy and the sauce was thick and tasty.

My son had Grilled Tuna Belly 
that he liked very much. 
My son Tim is a fish lover and he  
could live forever eating nothing but fish.

My wife had Grilled Pork Liempo 
which was served in bite sizes.
 It was so good and I ended eating
 half of her food.

While I had  very, very delicious  
‘Adobong Manok sa Gata’,   made
 from plump native chicken,  cooked with thick  
and rich coconut milk, spiced with ginger 
and various herbs and green pepper .

All the three last  meals came 
with Mixed Vegetable Side Dish 
which we initially thought was Chopsuey 
 but turned out to have been cooked in gata,
 spiced with just the right sting of ‘siling labuyo

Our meals were served 
with fruits of the season, 

Which later was also enjoyed 
by an unexpected visitor…

…a Philippine Hornbill!!!

...the kids were delighted at the sight
of this majestic bird right in our 
hotel room’s balcony. 

What could be a more awesome 
than seeing an endangered bird sharing 
our meals right before our very eyes. 

For our afternoon snacks we ordered Turon
which is made of ripe bananas wrapped in
 lumpia wrapper and fried to crispy perfection.

 …and Pancit Canton good for four persons. 
The dish was salty and overwhelmimg 
 with the smell and flavor of Chinese Longaniza.

 …the kids did not like the Pancit 
so they decided to eat crackers instead. 

The butler took our orders for dinner  in advance
 while we were at the beach enjoying the sunset. 

The weather was fine at night
 so we dined at the restaurant. 

My daughter had an Eggplant Dish
 topped with ground beef and cheese 
which she found delicious. 

My son as expected ordered Fish Sinanglay. 
This dish wasn’t made of the usual tilapia
 but of a salt water fish, which I believe is tuna. 

My wife also ordered a yummy 
cheese topped  dish,

While I had a delectably juicy 
Spicy Pork Ribs

We woke up the next day and we were told  that
 the Island Hopping Tour was cancelled due to a  typhoon.
 It rained the whole day  that we asked the butler 
to serve all our meals in our room. 

We all decided to order Classic Filipino breakfasts. 
My son had Corned Beef  Hash, that next to fish,
 he craves for a corned beef breakfast all the time. 

My daughter had Beef TapaWe particularly liked
 the Tugawe Tapa as it was not sweet and spicy.
 It tasted naturally as good old beef cooked on its own juices. 

My wife had Pancakes, 
served with bacon and eggs

While I had a super delicious Tugawe Longaniza.
 I am not a longaniza fan as I find most of these
 native sausages either too sweet, too sour or too fat laden. 

The Tugawe version is different. It had the right amount 
of sweetness and right degree of sourness and is
 not spicy garlicky so the your breath would remain fresh
 even after eating this delicious longaniza.

Since it was typhoon signal Number 2,
we just holed up in our room waiting
 for our next meal to be served. 

The kids ordered their favorite 
Peanut Butter Sandwiches for Snacks, 

While me and my wife feasted on 
Ham and Egg Sandwhich.

 It was still raining hard when lunchtime came. 
so our meals were still served in our room.

My son had a Beef Brisket 
with Sesame Seeds, 

While my daughter and Pinoy Bistek. 
Both beef dishes were so good that we did 
not have to prompt the kids to eat their meals. 

My Wife had Pork Spring Rolls,
 which actually is a bigger version
 of ‘Lumpiang Shanghai’ 
She said it was a little bit oily but tasted good.

 …and it was Grilled Pork Liempo for me this time. 

We all had apples for dessert 

It was still raining hard in the afternoon 
that the Hornbill took shelter on our balcony again.

 He came closer peeking on our door 
and we knew that the bird was hungry.
 We decided to toss an apple for him to eat.  

More Peanut Butter Sandwiches 
came for the kids,

....and Ham Sandwiches for us adults

Dinner came, and my wife said 
she had enough of doing nothing but eat. 
She did not order anything and she would just 
eat whatever leftover was in the table.

We were served Sinigang na Baboy 
for a soup starter.

While my son ordered his fish as expected 
which is Grilled Tuna Tail this time.

…while my daughter had a delicious 
Fish and Chips for her dinner,

…and it was the plump and juicy
Sautéed Shrimps for me.

All the rice meals were served 
with creamy ‘Ginataang Kalabasa’.

We were given delicious 
refrigerated cake for dessert

The weather was perfect on our third 
and last day
 at the Tugawe Cove and we wanted to make the most out of it.

We requested our butler to serve our breakfast 
by the beach as the kids wanted to swim.

My son Timothy had Tocino with Fried Egg
 which I ended eating most of it as the little boy 
really dislikes sweetened meat dishes.

My daughter had White Toasted Bread,
with  ham and eggs,

While my wife had Pancakes served
with ham and scrambled eggs,

…and I had a delicious egg omelet 
with a little of everything on it

Having a breakfast with a lakeside and a seaside  
at the same time was surreal but real.

And indeed, despite of the typhoon 
 it is still perfect to stay, stray, play 
and much more feast, feast, feast 
in Paradise that is Tugawe Cove


Stay Stray Play and Feast’s
Caramoan, CamSur Series


  1. Beautifully Tugawe Cove.

    The lake is stunning, the beach is gorgeous.

    Thank you for this post as it is one of the most extensive reviews about the resort that I've read.

    Also I would like to thank you for this beautiful blog as you have been giving very detailed reviews of places you visit without any hint of commercialism.

  2. Thank you! You had us excited for our planned stay this Holy Week. My daughter is hoping & ecstatic of the fact that she might see the Philippine hornbill! Thank you again & God bless

    1. Thank for for your kind words and thank you for visiting my blog. I hose you and your family would enjoy Tugawe Cove this summer.

  3. Nice blog. May i know how much will i put in the budget for every meal? thanks

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog.

      I'm sorry, I cannot remember how much the food costs, but they have average and affordable rates in the menu.