Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Spring, Sweet Spring in Naga City

“Spring, Sweet Spring” 
in Naga City

If there is Spring in the Philippines then
it would be after the summer heat subsides
and heralds the onset of the rainy season.

We have a quaint little garden at home
that I have already gotten used seeing to be
  perpetually green the whole year round.

So when I looked out of our window one weekend
I was delighted to discover that flowers have
bloomed in our garden birdbath that is being
sun- cured to appear like an old abandoned fountain.

Flowers of all colors are abloom and seem
to be welcoming the beautiful day.

I took my camera out, asked my kids
to come out of the house...

....and walk around and explore the garden to appreciate
the spring- like splendor of the beginning of the
wet season of the year round summer Philippine weather.

Hot humid Philippine summer can be harsh
on plants as everything goes dry and arid…

…and it is on this season that the grass
and the leaves are greener,

…the flowers are abloom,

…and you see multitude
of colors everywhere,

..even our turtles at the turtle pond
seem to welcome the colorful day

saying; "Hey! It’s spring-

…sweet spring".

If there is a spring equivalent
in the country, then- this must be i

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  1. Ang ganda ganda ng garden. Parang nasa Amerika. Spring na spring a dating.