Monday, July 15, 2013

Pizza Hut’s Cheeseburger Pizza

Pizza Hut’s 
Cheese Burger Pizza 

Pizza Hut’s Cheeseburger Pizza
is a dream come true for pizza
and burger loving people like us.

My family trooped to Pizza Hut
at SM City Naga- craving for this
wonderful  Pizza Hut treat.

The restaurant was full when we arrived
and it took us several minutes before
we were able to get a vacant table.

Then they started serving us the appetizer
New Hut Patatas made of American potatoes,
tossed in tasty seasoning served with
a tartar sauce for a dip.

They later served the hot soups
Creamy Cream of Chicken soup 
with bits and pieces of tender chicken meat 
and  topped with pesto.

…and the thick, rich and creamy 
Cream of Mushroom Soup 
topped with herbed croutons.

To our delight, they also gave us
a free plate of fluffy Garlic Bread  
baked and lightly toasted to perfection. 
The waiter said the bread comes free 
with the order of three rice meals.

They then served the delicious
Olive Garden Salad made of
fresh lettuce, roasted bell peppers,
 olives, cucumber and herbed croutons;
bather in tasty Italian dressing.

Then came the main meals made of
Roast Chicken with Spaghetti 
Rosemary-garlic roasted chicken
 which we found overcooked 
served with spaghetti in Bolognese sauce.


Pork BBQ Rice which is actually 
made of pork flakes served with steamed rice 
and it tasted really very good.

and the country fried Pork Chop-
a bread crusted lean pork fried
to perfection that is crunchy outside
but very tender on the inside.

They served Sausage Rolls something
we did no order but the wauier said it
comes free with the Cheeseburger Pizza. 
Who would say no the this delicious sausages baked 
in soft dough and topped with melted cheese.


They came the best of them all-
The new Cheese Burger Pizza :
The Ultimate 2-in-1 Experience!


This is what we came for and we were

delighted that the pizza appeared like
 a space-ship with its eight edges
bulging with yummy burger patties.

For pizza and cheeseburger lovers like my family
Pizza Hut has come up with the ultimate solution
to the perennial problem of choosing between
the two high calorie but otherwise addicting meals.

Combining the well loved juicy taste of cheeseburger
and the cheese overload appeal of Pizza Hut's pizza,
 and a generous toppings of Bacon and TLC,

…the novel and unique Cheeseburger Pizza, the most exciting pizza concoction
that we have even seen in our lives.

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