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Marriot Hotel Manila: Budget Luxury Beyond Compare

Marriott Hotel at Resorts World Manila 
Budget Luxury Beyond Compare 
We were on our way back to Naga City  after an almost
 week  long vacation in Cagayan  and our PAL flight 
to Naga City  from Manila would still be the next day.

We didn’t have a choice but to stay overnight 
in Manila so we checked  in  at Marriott Hotel
located at  Resorts World Manila just across the 
NAIA Terminal 3- the hotel closest to the airport.

This is our second time to stay in this hotel,  the first one about three 
years ago, where we stayed in a standard room to while away the  
seven hour  Manila stopover on our way to Guam as we didn’t  want 
to get stuck in  NAIA Terminal 1, the world’s worst airport.

^^^3 years ago

^^^3 years ago

^^^3 years ago

This is also the second Marriott property 
that  we have stayed  in the past,  the other 
one in  JW Marriott in Bangkok   that I had 
 reviewed in  my my past blog as one of the 
hotels with the most awesome views.

Marriott Hotel Manila had a modernist 
but rather standard well lighted lobby,

...a friendly front desk staff and we 
were able to check- in smoothly,

 ...and we were in our room in fast and swift. 


One Bedroom Executive Suite, 
High floor, Executive level.

We were awed the beauty of the room  and this is definitely one 
of the most beautiful hotel suites that we have stayed  as compared
 to any hotels we have stayed in  the past anywhere else in the world.

 The Suite Room was very spacious and it was
impeccably decorated that it  took our breaths away.

 It had a large living room area with huge comfortable 
sofa that  could double as an extra bed.

It also had a comfortable 
lounge chair by the sofa.

 On the center table lies a  fruit platter,
 delicious imported cheese sticks,

 …and several canisters of imported
tea  meant as a gift to their guests.

 It had huge flat screen LCD TV.

 It also had a well equipped working desk, provided
with all kinds  and all types of electrical outlets.

 In the living room was a
well stocked mini bar,

 … and its own toilet and powder room.

They also provided us with 
an extra bed by the window.

The living room had panoramic windows
that offer a view of the  NAIA 3 terminal,
and the booming Newport City.


 The bedroom was very spacious,

…and had a huge king size bed  where the whole family could fit in.
It had luxurious pillow top mattress  lots of soft, fluffy pillows and duvet. 

 It also had a snugly, comfortable
lounge chair by the bedside.

 …a 40” wide flat screen LCD TV,

 …a spacious walk- in closet,



…and a very huge and 
luxurious bathroom,

...with lavish supplies of toiletries.

 The bathroom had transparent glass wall, 
making the bedroom visible
from the bathroom and vice versa.

For privacy it could be closed
by a remote controlled blinds. 

And just like the living room, there was a panoramic window that offers
a sweeping view of the Newport City and the nearby NAIA Terminal 3.

Connectivity is not a problem as it has a free fast Wi Fi internet service,
and there were four land- line phones, one in the living room working table,


 …one in the bedroom,

 …and one each
on the two toilets.


The hotel is located right at t the booming Newport City,
so there is really a lot of places to visit and very
close to so many dining and shoping destinations.

It also had a direct access to
Resorts World Manila Casino,

…and the posh Newport Mall.


Marriott Hotel has a
beautiful  swimming pool.

It also had a well equipped gym which I was not able to use 
due to our very limited time that we stayed in the hotel.

 M Café

 We arrived early evening and we were all starving
as we hadn’t eaten  anything when we left Tuguegrao,
so after checking in we had  buffet dinner at the M Café.

 It had a glorious spread
of international dishes,

 …and the selection dishes
 was beyond compare.

Each buffet table spread is a feast
for the senses and of the palate,

...that one does not have any choice but to gorge on
some of the most  delicious in this past of the world.

The M Café dinner buffet is definitely one
  of the best hotel based buffets in the country

Executive Lounge 

Our Suite Room stay came with a privilege of
a buffet breakfast at the Executive Lounge.

The service here was more personal,

…the place was more exclusive,

…and it was less crowded as compared
to the M Café’s  breakfast buffet and 
offers a great view of the golf course.

Eye Candy / Java

Kids would also be delighted at the 
hotel's pastry shop called Eye Candy 

...that offers  various assortment
 of yummy sweets and cookies.

Just beside Eye Candy is an excellent
coffee shop called Java.


Marriot Hotel Manila is one of the most beautiful   
and luxurious hotels that we have ever stayed in the
Philippines and I can confidently say, in the world.

It is also very reasonably priced as the
suite room costs only a little over13,000 pesos.

The food is good,  the buffet spread was
superb, and the service is excellent..

It is a very ideal transit hotel for those who are traveling 
and wanted to get away from the dreaded airport
as it is located just across the NAIA Terminal 3.

The hotel would rate very, very high for the best value 
for money category and costumer satisfaction.


  1. Great hotels and article anyway did you know any affordable hotels in ortigas

    1. Thank you fir reading my blog Roel.

      Yes, Crowne Plaza is one. I recently blogged about it.

      Here's my link:

  2. Replies
    1. Marriot Hotel I believe is the best hotel closest to the airport. Remington Hotel is another one, which I also reviewed in this blog, just search for it if your interested.My review on Belmont Hotel would still come our after my on- going blog series about Paris, maybe on September and is also a good place to stay because of its easy access to the Runway Manila. It is located right at the rear portion of the hotel and would take you directly to NAIA 3.Belmont's room are rather tiny though. I mean all rooms.

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